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Americans defrauding American in Playa del Carmen
(05-21-2015, 12:47 PM)seekingtruth2 Wrote:
(04-25-2015, 08:15 AM)Yes, Richard Houghton is in cahoots with another con artist there in Kansas City named Amit Raizada. They have a con and boiler room operation running. I will enclose article. Be wary of Richard Houghton and Investment Properties Mexico in general. Google e very one of them. Bad news. Wrote:

RichardmexWhat the FUCK! This wasn't supposed to be posted. The page indicates it's a private e-mail to the editor. Better take it down or I will sue you FUCKER!

Hahaha, very funny. These last two messages were sent from Kansas City. Well, if you want to sue me, I have a Vietnamese lawyer. His name is Phuc Yu. Just send the complaint to Phuc Yu.

[Image: 2cyics1.png]

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This is really a travesty. I work for IPM now so am in a tough position. However, I cannot see an injustice happen. It is common knowledge here in the office that Richard and 2 employees that I won't name, one man and one woman, they know who they are, have helped Richard discredit Sean and his family.

Richard Houghton was confronted by Sean for huge amounts of money that were missing. Sean found out that Houghton had embezzled company funds to buy a "marina front lot" in Phase 4 of Puerto Aventuras.

When confronted by Sean O'Neal, Houghton admitted to the theft and Sean immediately terminated the partnership.

The two worked out an agreement whereby Houghton was to buy O'Neal's half of the company. O'Neal returned to the US to aid in the care of his dying sister.

Houghton immediately defaulted on the arranged payments and then quickly went about to find a "rape victim" who all of a sudden comes out of the woodwork 1 and a half years later to report this because they said Sean threatened her parents. Well, according to Houghton, she and her Mother worked/works next door to office. Hmmm, quite coincidental ehhh?

Houghton did this and paid the woman, along with a ridiculous story of fraud to an elderly woman. I will be resigning this week because I now see Richard Houghton for what he is. An evil person. I think we would all agree.
OK one minute you're on a golf cart with Richard and the next you work for IPM? 


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