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This is dedicated to Zapotec
Dear Jane: Your wish is my command.

[Image: 1671s1e.png]

Her real name is Jane McCrodden Kraft. Here she is taking her afternoon medicine.
[Image: 13305_120735391272314_7316207_n.jpg]

Here's Jane with her husband, Bill. She calls the people here ugly? Must not have any mirrors in her house. And why does her tongue hang out?
[Image: 2la5287.png]

Jane's son, Cueball Kraft.
[Image: 290tv9x.png]

Then there is daughter Chelsey. Jane has a little trouble keeping track of her:

Quote:All They Want for Christmas Is Their Daughter Back
December 24, 1999|MIKE DOWNEY

I get the chills, no matter how warm it is, when I hear about bad things that happen to families at Christmas.

It shouldn't matter whether the month is December or the middle of May because, where the parents of children are concerned, there are 365 days a year that can scare the living daylights out of you.

This time of year in particular, though, when families are feeling cheerful, arranging carefully wrapped gifts to be torn open Saturday by eager kids, I can't imagine how much more horrible it must feel to be having a family crisis.

Maybe it makes me a little crazier than usual this Christmas, now that I'm married and have stepchildren for the first time. All I care about is keeping the youngest one safe and being kept informed periodically by the older ones that they are safe.

So when I was speaking to Jane Kraft from Mission Viejo about what kind of Christmas her family is having, I could feel those familiar chills up my spine.

"I can't even turn on a radio," she said. "I start to cry every time I hear a Christmas carol."

Death didn't come to this family's door; it isn't that.

Every family deals with death at some point; there is an inevitability about loss of life that makes it almost tolerable at times, looked upon as fate taking a hand or as the Lord working in mysterious ways.

What's happening with the Kraft family is one of those things a parent can't see coming, and can't be sure how to handle.

Jane and Bill Kraft thought they were doing what was necessary when their 14-year-old daughter didn't come home.

They told the police about it.

And then they waited.

It's been nine days now and Chelsey Kraft is still missing from their lives. She hasn't come home and she hasn't called.

She apparently stopped attending classes at Mission Viejo High School. A truant officer wouldn't know for sure until after Christmas break.

The last time Jane spoke to her daughter, she drove her to school. That was a few hours after catching her sneaking back into their house at 4:30 in the morning.

Jane wishes now that she had driven Chelsey directly to a nearby drug rehab center. She doesn't know for sure that her daughter is using drugs. She just doesn't know what else to think.

Why a family must feel so helpless "when an underage child runs away," is what frustrates Jane most. She doesn't understand why a missing 14-year-old isn't more of a priority for the Orange County Sheriff's Department authorities the Krafts have beseeched to return their daughter where she belongs.

See, these parents believe that they have a good idea where their daughter is. She is not a runaway whose face needs to be displayed on the side of a milk carton.

They believe that their 14-year-old has taken up company on a permanent basis with a boy of 19, who lives in the nearby Laguna area in either his own apartment or a friend's.

But according to Jane Kraft, the police say "their hands are tied, or that there's nothing they can do unless [Chelsey] commits a crime or is brought to a hospital or has a foot with a toe tag on it."

She and her husband have provided police with the boy's first name, phone number and addresses of two residential complexes where he is believed to have lived. The parents have gone there themselves in vain, not knowing the apartment number and unable to obtain that information.

She says the reply from law enforcement is that it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

"What do we have to do," she asks, exasperated, "bring this guy to them on a platter?"

Her daughter disappeared once before, on Oct. 28, not coming home from school. Next morning, the Krafts contacted police.

Chelsey eventually returned on her own. But when she disappeared this time, Jane Kraft says the police response was: "Oh, yes, our records still show her as missing."

Kraft can appreciate how busy the police must be, but where else is a parent supposed to turn when a 14-year-old daughter suddenly decides she doesn't live with you anymore?

For now, about all Jane and Bill Kraft can think of is to hire a private detective. They sure are easy to find on television, but where do you look for one you can trust in real life . . . the Yellow Pages?

Meantime, it's nearly Christmas.

Who knows, maybe somewhere in Orange County there is someone with a good heart and a kid of his or her own who can hand-deliver a family its daughter for the holidays.

No gift could ever mean more.

Oh, by the way, Jane. It was BajaNomad posters JoeJustJoe and McFez who first posted photos of children. Look it up some day, when you are not drunk.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.
What a dolt. Have another drink Krafty.Popcorn
You do understand that I've always used my own name when posting? Is your real name Zapotec? So who's trying to be anonymous?

Now, it's true that I value my privacy - what's wrong with that? I just don't like living my life on the internet, unlike some.

I think you are seriously confused. Someone else reveals my full name and somehow that makes ME a hypocrite. I can tell you are an objective person.

You call Woooosh, an upstanding person, an ugly dude that made you lose your lunch. Well, ahem, what's that line about people in glass houses.

NOW I am pleading not to involve the families? Let me explain the meaning of hypocrite - it would mean I am asking not to involve the families while doing so myself. THAT would make me a hypocrite. And I have done that where? Yes, I have attacked Janene. But I have also said that I don't give a crap what any of you clowns say about me. But you tell me - how does my wife deserve to be dragged in? Or my children told that they are underachievers, nerds, unable to make a living and illegitimate. Nice. I can infer that you support this?

And you have the unmitigated gall to attack the people on this site.

You wonder what I'm doing on this site if I disagree with those tactics? Please explain how you justify JoeJustJoe? Jihad? I guess that means you agree with THOSE tactics. But of course, you use them yourself.

Seems you have been begging for a thread "dedicated" to you. Need attention in your life, do you? Nobody gives a crap about you, your opinion, or your life. Now crawl back into whatever hole you came out of.
I would probably stay drunk too if I had invested in Castillos Del Mar thinking that I had a 99 year lease. San Diego real estate prices have gone up 9% in the last year while Baja real estate continues to lose value. Smart move Krafty.

Updated Feb, 2009 NOTE: Special Topic, "99 Year "Club Membership" at CASTILLOS DEL MAR, ROSARITO
There is much confusion, a variety of stories, and a lot of misunderstanding about a unique community just
South of town in Rosarito formed over 35 years ago as a "Club Membership" for 99 years.
(Kind of like buying a membership in a Golf and Tennis Club, without any Golf Course or Tennis Courts??)
The community is nicely located, appealing to many, and appears very desireable....but....As of October 2006, at this writing, we know of no other such
situation in Mexico, and numerous attorneys have suggested it is an unsafe investment, no bank will lend on it, and no title insurance company will cover
these homes. It appears to many to be a direct violation or circumvention of Federal Lease Law Term Limits, and is in reality nothing more than a private
contract between the registered landowner of the entire community and the tenants with a "club membership". This private contract could be
terminated at any time and the only recourse would be civil action as "homeowners" here do not have a registered title.
A such, transactions in here are NOT real estate transactions, as is evidenced by the fact
they do NOT require a Notario Publico to effect the "Transfer of Rights"
Recent rumors from anxious sellers (who know the real story) indicating the real owner is "in Process" of selling real title are
completely unfounded in writing, and in any case if this were true, why has it not been done for over 35 years??
If considering buying, make the real bank trust or escritura transfer an essential condition of the offer!
As with any and all offers, it is best is to make eligibility for title insurance a condition, as evidenced by your own
letter of commitment from a title insurance company, before releasing any money, and this will not happen.
Please read below for further clarification, then decide for yourself or ask your independently chosen attorney before ever buying here. Even better, ask
any Notario Publico what your rights and potential liabilities may be. Verify the above with any Notario Publico and beware any story you hear from any
seller for your own peace of mind. We see no reason to take the substantial risk of buying nothing more than a questionable private contract when
properly titled properties are available at similar pricing. We too, hope the rumors will come to pass as reality, but until they do,
Buyer Beware, and WILL NOT sell in Castillos del Mar at this time.
Another upstanding member of the United Society of Baja California no doubt. Tila's on a roll taking down that group. Is Castillo Del Mar the Diane Gibbs project just south of Puerto Nuevo? I remember when Krafty was all excited to be an extra for the Baja Studios "Little Boy" movie that never got made because the studios dumped it. I think there was even a robbery in Popotla while s/he was parked there filming- or something like that. Wonder if s/he still drives the new Mercedes ML around town. We ditched our Benz when the crime wave ticked up and went into stealth hybrid mode.

I can understand why people enjoying reading the OT- but why post stupid shit? Another sheep Janene and Jihad have led to Fulano.
BajaNoMas= News, Facts, Stats, Videos, Pics and Links- because presenting the truth to the public is not a negative campaign "Decir la verdad no es ninguna campaña negra".
Of course, Jihad gets it all wrong.

[Image: 2zqss3b.png]
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.
Real acts of genius.

[Image: 2hf0wu1.png]

Krafty needs to take her real estate investment advice from Jihad.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.
Just the fact the Arab tranny humper thinks I am the "Ugly American" and not Tila Ortiz is ludicrous. Anyone who reads the facts of that case knows Jihad is full of his Arab tranny humping shit. I should think the "Ugly American" is the Texan Tila Ortiz Maldonado. She lied under oath about being a Mexican and about everything else in this case. She fraudulenty tried to sell protected beach already held in a legal concession and attempt to sell it with the help of corrupt local officials. Then she tries to take the property next to it too! It doesn't get any uglier than that and no one needs to hear any more information on the case to make that logical conclusion. Tila Ortiz can't explain her way out of the lies, so she uses Jihad to attack and distract. That simple. They don't have any truth, legal points or facts on their side - so they create lies and hate speech. You fell into it Krafty- how dumb of you.

So here you go Clueless and Krafty- Tila Ortiz taking down the concession sign and the selling it saying she has the land title. You want her doing this on the Federal Zone in front of your Castillo next? Someone eventually will you know. You entered the OT fray on the wrong side of the law and the truth. Like the video says- we document ever action on the concession land we are held responsible for and pay $100 a month to protect (going on five years now). We knew we could not stop the corruption, so we documented it fully. Don't listen to lies- look with your eyes. We are unapologetic in our efforts to protect the beach for the Mexican people. All she has is lies and corrupt friends- which works very well in México. Is that your point?

btw: I am not a supporter of posting about family (cueball), but this is what Jihad does from behind his anonymous cloak and Fulano and Joe have been fighting on line for a decade. You're just today's road kill because you teamed up with Jihad. It's a shame. It sucks being Jihad's unintentional bitch, but you'll get very used to it in the OT.

[Image: Feb16201000453c.jpg]
[Image: Ortiz_Signale.jpg]
[Image: SCAN0247.jpg]

And don't miss the movie:

You folks know where I live Krafty. Grow a pair and tell me what you think of our efforts to protect the beach face to face. Only anonymous cowards like Jihad Joe do what you are doing. Is that what you are?

This is what the "Ugly American" Tila Ortiz is really like. She dresses up like a sweet little 60 year old lady waiting for her corrupt PROFEPA friends to come over, but she's not really reading at all, look at her shifty eyes. She is a professional con artist (she also claimed to have lived in that house for 20 years btw). When you play with pigs and barnyard animals like her, Jihad JoeJustJoe and Janene- you get covered in shit. But have no fear, the fake MD Janene Caracaus will heal you again. You've been played. Hard. And I feel no pity for the gullible and stupid. And anyone who fell for a 99 year lease for half a million dollars in advance was already both.
[Image: ortizwaiting.png]
BajaNoMas= News, Facts, Stats, Videos, Pics and Links- because presenting the truth to the public is not a negative campaign "Decir la verdad no es ninguna campaña negra".
EnsenadaDr says that Zapotec is very attractive and looks great, kind of like when she mentioned how good Deno was looking in his video. She needs to get a thorough eye exam.

Hey EnsenadaDr, when are you going to comment on the drug thefts and your bankruptcy? We are waiting.
(03-03-2013, 12:39 PM)Timador Wrote: EnsenadaDr says that Zapotec is very attractive and looks great, kind of like when she mentioned how good Deno was looking in his video. She needs to get a thorough eye exam.

Hey EnsenadaDr, when are you going to comment on the drug thefts and your bankruptcy? We are waiting.

She still thinks Fulano is someone besides Al. The two team leaders are anonymous and enjoy this decade-long game. Fukano can't show papers that aren't his- but Janene has her real name on her Bankruptcy, on her suspended nursing license and the court docs she filed when Kaiser wouldn't hire her back. She has some "splaining to do. Nah- she'll just keep dropping cowpies. Has Tom Meixner replied about the letter she sent to his boss? Get that Krafty? Janene not only posts garbage about other people, their children and their families- she sends letters to their business contacts and employers as well. Is that the club you thought you joined in OT? I'd encourage you to post on the popular TalkBaja site- but Jihad JoeJustJoe claims that is a HATE SITE too and the board owner Ron Hoff is trash- even though the US Consul General for Baja is a registered member. See what a twisted liar he is? (I suspect as a Lebanese Arab American Jihad has been outcast, discriminated against and hated in the USA- and that is the root of his discontent). And why are you concerned about me being gay Krafty when Jihad is married to woman but prefers unsafe sex with TJ transexual male prostitutes??
BajaNoMas= News, Facts, Stats, Videos, Pics and Links- because presenting the truth to the public is not a negative campaign "Decir la verdad no es ninguna campaña negra".


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