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Don't worry Nomads, it could happen anywhere

He must have been involved in the drug trade somehow. Gotta be.

What really sucks is that I was just going to start a death pool for the nomads and Ron was in the top ten.

Prayers for his wife though.

[Image: 11w3bbb.png]

Fulano hopes Ron and Cristina recover...and get the fuck out of Mexico. Enough with this "paradise" bullshit. This is precisely why the Fulano Forum exists: to warn people of the true dangers of Mexico that will not be discussed over on BajaNomad.

[Image: 2hyhvn.png]
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.
They are not at the Velmar, quit calling them. They said they have had a lot of calls, but they are probably at the red cross. 646 172 3518 This number supposidly will give you information on where to find someone in a hospital in Ensenada.

Lets face it Fulano, after Ron recovers he will probably blame himself. As one of the leaders of the COGS, it is incumbent on him.

What is it with people like Shari, Blanca, and Dennis, that makes them think they need to play a role in every event that happens on nomads?

And Shari is pimping BA in the middle of all of this. Look at the time difference (one minute) between posts about Ron and fishing videos.
The fact she is willing to make her daughter, who has a small child, run all over town to uncover information to post online, about someone she has never even met, says it all. Total fucking attention whore. At least she has moved up in the world from her days as a domestic terrorist.

That was the first thing I noticed:

at 9:23AM on 9/11/2011 Shari said: Wrote:now THAT is an interesting question to think about on a beautiful Sunday morning in paradise...thanks

at 10:49AM on 9/11/2011 Shari said: Wrote:Oh no...this is just horrific news...Ron &n his wife Cristina are the salt of the earth

So sometime between 9:23AM and 10:49AM on 9/11/2011 "Paradise" turned into a living Hell. Cool

Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.
Lets just hope they pull though so we can read all the excuses Ron makes up for his attackers. It is going to be hilarious.

(09-11-2011, 11:53 AM)DavidK Wrote: Lets just hope they pull though so we can read all the excuses Ron makes up for his attackers. It is going to be hilarious.

That is already programmed in. Let me tell you what will be said: "Crime can happen anywhere, Mexico is safer than the United States. Statistics don't mean anything. If you feel safer then you ARE safer. Just be smart about how you travel and be aware of your surroundings. Polly want a cracker, awwwk. Polly want a cracker, awwwk."

Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.
Ron Must be involved with the narcos, that's what they always tell you on nomads when a gringo is murdered in baja. Read through the nomad bullshit, he's probably laying dead in some crummy, filthy Baja mortuary.
[Image: 825adfcd3851dcd9b80a2e7de4f29440.gif]
Henry Thomas Guichard
Ron certainly seemed like a good guy. When my best friend died he offered his web site for me to write about it on. Then I'm told by Dennis that the guy who got me kicked off Nomads, GENE, was a moderator there. Hmmm, ya think Ron might have let me in on that one. Thanks for the info though Dennis, you certainly know how to play both sides.

Based on the info so far Clifton may not be wrong. The attackers were not out to beat Ron up, they were trying to kill him, and his wife. If there is one crime a Mexican knows he can get away with it is killing a Gringo. Mexicans hate Gringos.



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