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Big trouble for Americans at Cantamar in Rosarito
They are denied access to their homes.

Rosarito - There is a real ordeal happening to the Borja family, an old problem with the fifth wife of the deceased owner of the Cantamar tourist camp.

Their ordeal started on Sunday at 1PM when personnel arrived who were working for Ivonne Cortez Avendaño, a woman originally from Guaymas, Sonora, and who is the widow of Carlos Borja.

The widow claims all of the existing properties owned by the late Carlos Borja, leaving his true children helpless, after the property had been owned by the family for more than 50 years.

According to the children of the late Carlos Borja, the property has been in litigation for several years, but this time something strange and intolerable occurred. Cortez Avendaño's lawyers arrived at the residential and tourist complex with at least 70 recuperating drug addicts from the "Sigamos Limpios" [We Remain Clean] rehabilitation center. They destroyed the fence and a guardhouse owned by the more than 100 American residents.

During the supposed eviction, the leader, who was named Monjarrez, arrived with an arrogant attitude and refused to show the court order granting the property to Cortez Avendaño to the children's family lawyer, Fausto Flores Avilés, saying that he is the authority here and people do what he says. When asked to show some kind of paper which orders the restitution of the property to Cortez Avendaño, he rudely answered, "Hey, go f--- your mother," "Your f---ing run ends here." A young worker named Julián Santos Ríos, 27, was beaten in front of the municipal police who did not intervene to stop the attack.

The late evening on Monday, another attack on the same youth was reported to the police, and he had to be hospitalized, supposedly with injuries to his ribs. At the same time the attackers also injured an elderly woman, twisting her arm. Brunela Borja García, daughter of Carlos Borja, had a talk with the head of the office of the assistant prosecutor, who supposedly ordered a group of ministerial police to bring some order so the employees of the Borja family could return to their jobs. However, it did not happen like that, and when the employees returned they were attacked again. This time they were beaten with pipes and rocks.

The worse part of this case is that the authorities did nothing, showing they were indifference to it. This includes charges that the police commander of the Primo Tapia precinct, Alfredo Duarte, and the police operations commander, Mario Alberto Navarrete, ignored the petitions from affected American residents who were in fear for their lives.

Link to article in Spanish.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.
Rosarito is a snakepit of corruption. They don't respect or defend the rights of Americans, yet spend every waking hour and promotional dollar trying to convince Americans to retire here. The new Visa income requirements exceed the average retirees Social Security check- so they don't even want middle class retirees. Simpletons Stuck on Stupid.

What was that- three days after he PRI took control at the fed level? Here it comes...
BajaNoMas= News, Facts, Stats, Videos, Pics and Links- because presenting the truth to the public is not a negative campaign "Decir la verdad no es ninguna campaña negra".


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