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Spanish Businessman: Mexican Authorities Haven’t Rescued Abducted Son
MEXICO CITY – A Spanish businessman living in Mexico whose adult son was kidnapped nine months ago said authorities have not done enough to rescue him.

“I located him three times and in none of (those cases) did they launch operations,” Jose Luis Crespo de las Casas told Efe.

The native of the Canary Islands has lived in Mexico for 33 years running his natural fertilizer firm.

“At first, the police thought to pursue the case quietly, but I exploded and I’m going everywhere because I have no news of him,” the businessman said.

Jose Luis Crespo Llabres, 36, was kidnapped on Feb. 4 in Tepic, a town in the western state of Nayarit.

The last time that Crespo de las Casas had direct information about his son was four days later, when his abductors put him on the telephone and the father was able to confirm that he was alive.

Before that, Crespo de las Casas paid part of the ransom the kidnappers were demanding.

“They called me and told me to look out the front door of my house. I looked out and there was the ear of my son,” said the Spaniard.

At the time of the kidnapping, the businessman decided not to report the crime, but when the criminals sent him his son’s ear he went to an army commander in Tepic and also to the Nayarit state Attorney General’s Office, who recommended that he deliver part of the ransom money.

The kidnappers demanded 8 million pesos ($605,000), “a laughable amount” if they were taking into account the businessman’s economic capabilities, and he said he wound up paying the equivalent of $40,800, which he placed beside a highway at a spot the criminals indicated.

After that, they called him by telephone and told him that they had counted the money and they told him he could pick up his son at another location.

“I went to find him and they didn’t show up. I was there for more than three hours until the police came and told me to leave,” said the Spaniard, who – tired of what he says is the fact that there has been no official word about his son, not even from the Spanish Embassy in Mexico – decided to go to the media with information about the case.
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