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Jihad and his Putz-loser prize.
30,000 hits today! Who would have thunk that locked OT adult forum post could generate so much interest. All this over a very simple legal case reduced to four posts on TalkBaja. All this over a topic neither of the principals have ever posted about. Tantalizing. A Spanish language paper trail of facts and documents the author cannot follow. A Putz-Loser story line dominated by the anony-mouse author's anonymous sources. They lie and feel no shame. They incite violence but accept no blame. An Arab and Texan with no class or sense of citizenship to any country whatsoever.

We hope the Malecon is built and the Federal Zone line stays right where it is. I know what Mexicans really love in a story- a good corruption and conspiracy. We thank Otila (Tila) Ortiz and Jihad Ezzidine Salman (JoeJustJoe or Jay Garcia or FireBalls) for making that script possible. The expats in Rosarito had a front row seat to what Mexico can be like when you dare look under the carpet. This problem literally came into our front yard, we didn't go out looking for it. That's why the thread has 30,000 hits. The Tila persona she presented to the expat community didn't match the 21 pages of misdeeds proven in the Director General's report- the worst evidence against her coming from her own mouth. She has run out of time, friends and excuses, but she won't show one iota of shame and charges forward- a true con artist at work for all to see.

And don't forget to include my JoeSpeak disclaimer for the recent chum I threw your way. Just having some conspiracy-theory fun with your Putz-Loser storyline. That's what Mexicans really want- conspiracy, back stabbing, double-talking, traitors and corruption. Everyone knows there is no negotiating here in Mexico, silly- it's winner takes all. I'm just a tourist here looking forward to returning to Connecticut someday.
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Kudo's to you Craig, way to go.

But for REAL conspiracy theorists- here is your bonus photo question:

The map below is the last design of the Rosarito Malecon made by Daniel Chavira in 2010. He did the engineering work and the autocad layers have all the design and construction details. Why does the design of the malecon stop at the area needed for the three Playa Bonita condo towers? The detailed Malecon plan for sports areas, walkways and even a children's pool just stops. Why? Were they planning on designing around the towers but were waiting for the land deal (allegedly Tila's job) to complete? AND who is "they?". Why did SEMARNAT give Alonzo that area under Ortiz he didn't apply for it? Was that intentional and who would want to screw up the tower deal? Was Alonzo's used by SEMARNAT to throw a monkey wrench in the deal? All speculation and intrigue...

I've been sitting on these maps for two years trying to flush out the reason the Malecon plans stop where they do- and why. A question that came to my front yard- I didn't have to go around asking about it. I asked Daniel to mark the area of Alonzo's two concessions in red.

[Image: malecon4.png]

[Image: malecon2.png]

[Image: malecon1.png]
BajaNoMas= News, Facts, Stats, Videos, Pics and Links- because presenting the truth to the public is not a negative campaign "Decir la verdad no es ninguna campaña negra".
Come on Joe, no one at all believes you when you write: "Tila owner of that beach house, and legal title to the house stand in Woooosh's way." That is one of your many bald-faced lies. You are just repeating the same JoeSpeak from before the SEMARNAT legal decision in Alonzo's favor. Did you forget that 21 page decision in which Tila lost and was called out for being a liar? Oh yeah, you depended on your anonymous source Tila Ortiz to tell you what that letter said. Iterative journalism at its worst.

So really Jay, where is this mysterious "legal title" Tila supposedly now has? A property can only have one title and Alonzo holds it. How about Tila Ortiz just showing a payment receipt for the land? She has never shown ownership proof to anyone (including PROFEPA and SEMARNAT) and that is why she lost her case- for lack of proof. You really need to get that 21 page SEMARNAT letter translated so you fully understand that the liar Tila Ortiz has no legal claim to that property whatsoever. She is just there with the help of her friends and that does NOT make it legal possession, just possession with corruption present (as you have seen in the photos of Tila's armed friends intimidating PROFEPA). Not even the Prescription Positiva TIla had was deemed valid in the decision- and that is not even a land title. You just make your Putz-Loser investigative journalist self look more stupid when you spout lies when the facts are available (although in Spanish). But I understand the lies roll off your and Tila's tongues so readily and easily that you can't the tell truth from fiction or outright lies anymore. The City wants this land and Tila cannot deliver the title, but perhaps Alonzo can. Tila is sitting on only 193 meters. They need 400 meters to build tower #3.

We prefer to protect the beach, but Rosarito wants to do what it wants to do it would seem from all their activity with Tila. All I have said is that it is possible for Alonzo to work with the city on their plan if that's what they want (not a developer). That's a big IF. It depends on the City being successful in moving the Federal Zone line back into the water- which no one I have talked to thinks will happen, including our attorney and the CFE engineers. The Malecon has plenty of disabled access and parking areas in the plans and we have always said ours was a temporary solution until the Malecon was built out. Tila lied in writing to the Director General of SEMARNAT who makes these decisions while Alonzo exchanges friendly e-mails with him. Tila runs to the local SEMARNAT guy- but Alonzo deals directly with his boss in Mexico City. How do you think that will work out?

Tila wasn't offering Alonzo any of the $199K when she pulled off his concession sign and offered it illegally for sale-was she? Mexicans don't understand "making someone whole". It's not part of their business culture. Forgetabouit. It was a joke you idiot. The whole thing is a joke and Mudflaps Ortiz is the punchline. We're on the other side of this ordeal and I'm just chumming and having my fun. Angel

How about this Tila and Jihad: Your son Ian Kevin Ortiz was 6 years when you said you bought that house. It must have been a wonderful experience for him to grow up in Sun City and Rosarito Beach. His childhood must be full of beach photos and memories. Show us one family photo of Ian there. Just one.
BajaNoMas= News, Facts, Stats, Videos, Pics and Links- because presenting the truth to the public is not a negative campaign "Decir la verdad no es ninguna campaña negra".
Wow- Jihads on a roll today. Good thing TalkBaja is slow- so I had time to check in over there and boost my threads hit-count. Once again Jihad takes what I said, changes it and then attacked me on his change. He was supposed to find any post I ever wrote that said I hate Mexicans. He couldn't because I have never said that. He came up with a post that has nothing to do with me hating Mexicans or Mexico. I said Rosarito is becoming a white trash beach capital because too many expats bailed out of their homes at once, they couldn't sell them- and they now rent them out too cheaply. I'll stick with that Jihad because it's true- and it is nothing enforcement of the new Visa rules won't fix. Sorry Jihad- that's another miss. And Jihad, every good Ambassador knows how to work both sides once he knows what they want.

Quick-fixes: Most Mexicans are hermits. If that's what people listening to Jihad think I am, they are wrong. Mexicans are private people with busy lives. I've never seen most of my Mexican neighbors out of their homes- except driving past in a car. None of our neighbors hang out in their front yards- maybe this area is different. I am about the only one who walks on the beach every day, not even Tila has done that in years. There are families a few houses away and we have never seen their children out of the house except coming and going in a car. If you don't understand that's how daily life is here, you don't understand Mexican culture.

His other post about his Putz-Loser screenplay and cast suggestions is funny. He misses the good story line though. I really need to put my storyboards together. I have Kathy Bates as the jeckyll/hyde bull dyke land invader with corrupt and violent friends. Mudflaps is not even the main character. A gay couple run into big trouble when they cross the border and build a beach dream home in Mexico. The couple has good times with the dogs and Mexican family followed soon after by a car trying to run them over on the beach. Then a TJ carjacking, a nephew tortured by the Mexican army, a kidnap attempt and the invasion of a squatter land thief from Texas who entrenches herself with the help of corrupt city official's, prosecutors, drug dealers and deportees. Then 14 neighbors band together to repel the non-Mexican druggies and the white trash invaders of Mexico she surrounded herself with. The Director General of Mexico befriends the couple and the Mexican Federal govt comes down hard on the land invader and corrupt local officials just in time. I'm sure the real ending will be better... something with the retarded bastard son of the squatter setting a deathtrap for the gay couple that is climatic and ends with the dogs licking him to death.

The insurmountable challenge of Jihads Putz-Loser screen play is re-making Tila into a likable heroine. Of what cause? Trying to steal and sell land that isn't yours? She is just one of the villains of Baja, there are many. Tila is not unique or important in my screenplay, but she opens a window into the culture of violence and corruption.
BajaNoMas= News, Facts, Stats, Videos, Pics and Links- because presenting the truth to the public is not a negative campaign "Decir la verdad no es ninguna campaña negra".
(11-09-2012, 09:19 PM)Woooosh Wrote: I have Kathy Bates as the jeckyll/hyde bull dyke land invader with corrupt and violent friends.

[Image: 2hnsxdv.png]

Fulano has a graphic for every contingency.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.
Let Fulano summarize for all the folks out there how Jihad E. Salman's life has changed in the last two years since he latched on to Fulano and decided he could out investigate him.

First, now the entire world knows that Jihad E. Salman is the author of the racist, misogynistic email to Michelle Malkin (posting as Jay Garcia). One cannot Google the name "Jihad Salman," "Jay Salman," nor "Jay Garcia" without having several long discussions of his connection to that email come up as the first two or three items listed by Google. In other words, Jihad is indelibly linked to that email, forever.

Second, Jihad used to post several times per week on his favorite message board, TJAmigos, and other message boards too, of his superhuman feats in Tijuana banging male and female prostitutes in the Zona Norte. However, now his wife, Haifa Salman, is fully aware of all his screen names and monitors his postings. In fact, Jihad has not posted a single imaginary exploit with a prostitute on any message board since early in 2011, when Fulano told the world that the true name of JoeJustJoe/Rodrigo/Paco/Fireballs was Jihad E. Salman, a Lebanese immigrant. He has been reduced to making the occasional political comment, using the word "racist" in every sentence.

Third, Jihad used to make some extra money selling cars in Baldwin Park at a used car dealership called RB Motorsports. Thanks to the expert work of another interested party in hounding the owners of RB Motorsports with numerous complaints about their salesmen, Jay Salman, he is now a persona non grata there.

Forth, Jihad also used to buy used cars and sell them as a private party seller through Craigslist from his backyard. Thanks to some timely notifications to the code enforcement department of the city where Jihad lives, along with a complaint to the California DMV about an unlicensed car dealer, Jihad can no longer do that. He is regularly monitored to make sure he does not return to curbing used cars.

Fifth, Jihad had a California Real Estate license, however he let it expire on October 30, 2012. His real estate license was essentially made useless, as his name is linked on Google to so many perverse activities, that it is a liability. A recent listing he had for his Hemet property that was listed with the real estate broker where Jihad hangs his salesmen's license, Mervyn Floury, was taken down after a short while. It seems there was an irregularity with the listing. California law requires a broker to disclose if he has a financial interest in a property listed, and Jihad "forgot" to disclose in his ads that the agent selling the property was also the owner. I guess somebody wrote a letter to the California Department of Real Estate.

Sixth, Jihad worked hard at keeping his perverse internet activities a secret, taking elaborate steps to remain anonymous. He is no longer anonymous and his entire extended family is now aware of his perversity. This includes his current wife, Haifa, his immediately prior "wife," Nancy L. Garcia; his eldest son, Javontti, who moved back in with his mother, Nancy Garcia; his step-daughter Angelique Garcia; and a very large family of cousins and nephews scattered all over the world. In other words, Jihad has been totally outed to his entire family. Last August, Jihad's current wife, Haifa, went back to Lebanon to visit his family. She took Jihad's little boy and girl. Jihad did not go. He cannot show his face.

Seventh, as can be seen from the above summary, Jihad cannot fart without Fulano knowing about it. Jihad's future holds nothing but headwinds and he can expect interventions from government bodies in every aspect of his life for the foreseeable future. Let's see Jihad file a tax return without the IRS auditing it. Let's see Jihad buy a house with a Fannie Mae loan that requires the buyer to certify he will be the owner occupant and then try to flip it without somebody sending a complaint letter to Fannie Mae.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.
What a shame, he gives such good advice about Viagra and Cialis on the Nominds OT.
We have met the enemy and he is us. -  Pogo
He will be lucky if that is all that happens to him. We all know he will be soon rotting in Hell also. Burn you muther fuking sonofa bitch.

Great summary Fulano. What a waste of oxygen that Jew hating Arab motherfucker is. Oh sorry, I stand corrected- tranny fucker. He does have the 60 year old bull dyke Tila Ortiz to fall back on. What a mess he made for himself and his family.

I was thinking about Kathy Bates in Steven King's Misery.... "I'm your biggest fan"
[Image: misery1.png]
"I'd be proud to have you as my boy Craig" posted by Tila angel
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