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These people can screw up a trainwreck
All negotiation without the threat of force is futile if the other party wants you dead. Or doesn't care either way.

If the Second Amendment is only about hunting, then the First Amendment is only about Pornography.
If Mexico was really worried about the names of people departing Mexico, they would stop and identify all their citizens jumping over the border fence into the US with 60 pounds of marijuana on their backs.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.
They® DON'T want the "numbers" ... can you imagine the fall out in the United States .. LOL

Would imagine "immigration legislation" would REALLY change dramatically, if, truth be told

Seems some folks are upset by the "current approach" to ilegal immigration and its impact on them ....

Surprised Romney's staff hasn't pick up on something like this ... as they are black voters and would imagine this situation might be true in the southwest and perhaps in other urban areas with electoral votes .. just saying

Oh, that's right .. Congress will take care of it ... LOL

Suicide Hot line, Pete here, please hold


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