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Janene the moron medical student
Quote:Originally posted by EnsenadaDr
I spoke to Dennis the other day, and I asked him if Me No was an attorney in Vegas since there is a Tom Stafford Attorney in Las Vegas. Well, you know, Joe, Dennis has been under the weather and hasn't laughed much, but he did let out the biggest guffaw I have heard in years from him...he said, "Nah, that guy and his wife lived around the corner from Sharky's...he sells venetian blinds.." Wow, and to think Tom Stafford claims to be the Judge and Jury of all things intelligent and successful...I guess you never know. I have to laugh on how those guys picked up on that Master label and really fell for it hook, line and sinker. I guess no one has a sense of humor over there, though I know many Jewish men that have a great sense of humor. And they still claim I gave you the PM...Roberto mentioned something about English literature and Miss Goody Two Shoes..and you not being able to figure out that saying because you weren't well read. The last time I heard that saying was on some sitcom...and it is a very common saying. Just like Mormon Girl says we have a "hidden agenda". No, don't worry Mormon Girl, I am not interested in your husband. Any ex porn star who would "spit" (literally) on their fans who brought in their bread and butter for most of their working lives wouldn't be my kind of man no matter what equipment he might carry. And anyway, is revealing personal U2U's of someone just revenge for someone who supposedly revealed a PM to someone? Like my dad told me, "Two wrongs don't make a right".

Quote:Originally posted by EnsenadaDr
Oh my mistake, I stand corrected. Dennis just informed me Tom is not a venetian blind salesman, he installs them. Sorry about that.

So let me see if I get this straight.

Tom has never claimed to be an attorney.
You find out, somehow, there is A Tom Stafford in Vegas.
So you ask your buddy Dennis, that well-known expert on all things Tom, if that's him. We're talking about the man who once asked, publically on an Internet board if you eat your own feces given the smell after you use his bathroom. Think about that.
Dennis, who has a well-known love for Tom, says something he considers derogative.
So you make fun of Tom not being an attorney, something he has never claimed.

Janene, you are a nurse. And one who was suspended for not properly handling narcotics. What are you doing. Why don't you just disappear, quietly to Hawaii before your behavior gets you in trouble.

Leave it alone Janene.
I think what is most amazing is that the entire right side of Dennis' brain is dead from a stroke and nobody can tell the difference.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.
I think Janene and Jihad are having a menso contest. Lowest IQ wins.

[Image: oflew.png]
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.
Well, I am humbly gateful that my husband provided me with three beautiful, sweet children. They are the true reason I got married to Chuck. Not for salacious reasons. I am surprised and disappointed that anyone would think that my children's father was only a collection of body parts.

Please don't attack my family. Attend to the beam in your own eye.

Please don't attack other people's families, either. Tom's wife is not up for publuc discussion. It only shows your true racism that you would attack her sexual reputation while pointing out that she is Mexican. A man who calls himself "fireballs" and goes to Tijuana for sex junkets shows a shocking amount of denial and projection in his rants. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone...interesting that they still stone people to death in the Middle East.
[Image: r1086p.png]
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.
Now, he's quoting Fulano again.

Quote:Originally posted by JoeJustJoe
Quote:Originally posted by greengoes
Quote:Originally posted by JoeJustJoe
I understand in Baja they not only call Raphael, el Mano Negro
[Edited on 8-2-2012 by JoeJustJoe]

Holy cow crap!!! Illiterate in two languages!!!

That should be la mano negro. Chupa verga un burro!


Picky picky, and very anal.

I see now that it should have been La Mano Negro, but I should be given a break since most words ending in O are masculine words with almost the exception of la mano, and we really are talking about a a male I think in Raphael, and his nick name. And you see if written both ways in Google.

Maybe I saw it spelled el Mano Negro on the hate site, and just remembered It?

Fulano calls him El Mano Negro, but Spanish isn't Fulano's first language either:

a slip? I thought he claimed to be second-generation mexican
From the hate site:

El Mano Negro arrested in Mexico City
10 posts - 3 authors - Jun 11
RE: El Mano Negro arrested in Mexico City. Here's another story on Muñoz .... The customary perp walk: [Image: 6-llego-el-mano-negra-001.jpg ...
They aren't talking about his "nickname", they are talking about the actual black glove he wears 24/7 from a hand injury. I saw a photo of Raphael wearing a white glove once- but I guess that name didn't stick.
BajaNoMas= News, Facts, Stats, Videos, Pics and Links- because presenting the truth to the public is not a negative campaign "Decir la verdad no es ninguna campaña negra".
She has destroyed any chance of a career so she should work something out with Jihad E Salman of Temple City,CA. Of course she will have to pretend she is a man dressed up like a woman because that is what spins jay garcias little starter.

She is the complete package, somewhat learned yet can hang with the tards.
Mike and I have been watching that some kind of Doctora spin since the little lovers squabble she and DENNIS had all over the Baja internet. Muffin was extremely shocked at some of the "Too much information" that was flying back and forth. I got a million posts from her but never published them on my blog because Milke said they were the rantings of a maníaca.

He was right!!! She fucking became a JoeJustJoe with better writing skills. Mike also said it is just a matter of time untill they start going to the Donkey Shows together in Tijuana.


Giving the EnsenadaDr all that rope wasn't nice Linton, now she will use it to tie up JJJ when they have sexytime in Otila's house.

Have to run, I just found a great new Spam recipe for Mike's dinner.

Besos (c;
Did you catch this kitty Sniper in that video? I know someone who is gonna love it.

[Image: kittygun.png]

Janene and McFez will both learn the intertubes has a memory- forever. Just a few months ago Jihad and McFez were hounding her about the drug dispensing irregularities that caused her license to be suspended. I think they accused her of being a drug user. Now she is calling him Master. Yeah, it's funny- but not to the reinstatement board or whoever does the social media check for California (they all do one now). At least Jihad tries to cover his identity, not that that has worked out well for him. It just makes normal people curious and makes the curious tenacious.

Hey- Tomorrow is Jihad's birthday! I wonder what Fulano got him... LOL
BajaNoMas= News, Facts, Stats, Videos, Pics and Links- because presenting the truth to the public is not a negative campaign "Decir la verdad no es ninguna campaña negra".


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