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Hello all...

I had decided many months ago as some on this board know to just forget about our friend Jay Garcia aka Jihad E salman and his attacks on many here and elsewhere. That changed in recent weeks with Salmans harrassing an elderly relative of mine along with his attacks on morman girl,David and others here.
Jihad is crying out for help and I intend to give him all the help he needs.

First some background... I have traveled many times to do some research on Jihad and had satisfied myself that he was the A-hole arab we have all come to hate. I have been to his house, his rental homes and all of his shuttered businesses and have documented them for a possible suit. I had paid a real PI to also spend some time detailing Mr. Jihads life.
My motive was a possible lawsuit but after doing our research on this insect, it became clear that Jay Garcia was on the downward slide into the arab basement of life. His assets were under water, he was down to curbing cars and selling junk on Craigslist just to survive. It was at that point that I decided he was just a left wing piss ant and to be ignored...


Its time to deal with this arab scum and the best way is as follows:

I have in the last few weeks retained an attorney near where Salman lives. Just to piss Jihad off, I hired an arab lawyer who does not know him but really wants to meet him. I have very little chance of coming to any sort of fruition in court as he is a rather dodgy fellow as the brits say. That does not matter..With my attorney's direction, I will be revisiting all of Mr. Jihad's life again except all info will be going to my attorney. We will do nothing illegal at all and will never lay a hand on Mr. Salman but will spray sunlight all over his dirty arab ass and over the coming months will share all of this info on this board and with others who request information from us.
We will be interviewing his neighbors on video as well as talking to all of his business partners and and friends showing his posts and asking them if they condone such behavior. We will be visiting his mortgage holders and asking them in person about the mortgage fraud allegations and follow up on any investigation.
In other words, we will be growing a weed up Jihads ass all in the name of a lawsuit that he can settle at any time with me.

I have a local Temple City phone number where I can be reached and messages can be left. I will soon post a web site where info can be exchanged in confidence by concerned parties.

The Jihad E Salman hotline number is 626-233-0643

I have no intention of threatening any harm to Jihad at all. I intend to expose him for the coward he is and show all his inner workings.

Oh and Jihad....Post all the shit about me you want..I do not care. It will just make me dig deeper and if you knew anything about me , you would know that I am very resourceful and relentless. You are my new hobby.
You should have just left it alone as I had forgotten about you.

Let the games begin..This will be a lot of fun.Cool

Oh Jihad, if you do happen to see me around,do not be shy.. Buy me a coffee if you have the guts. One cream,no sugar.
If you are resourceful. you will know that I stay in the same hotel every time I am in LA and rent my long term car from the same rental agency.

I suggest we bump this thread and all can add to it when info comes in. We will share any and all info with any interested party and am willing to pay for info and pictures. I would guess that this thread and its contents will be reposted on other message boards increasing our internet net size for info.

David,,Its my understanding that Jihad has moved and that is why the insect arab invited you over to his old house. We will post the new info soon so there are no wasted drives for coffee.Cool
Let me know if you need any help setting up a website. I am a software engineer and it would be my pleasure, including getting domains registered, or even providing space on my company server - at no charge of course. Also anything related to computers, anything at all. I see it as a community service Big Grin

Fulano, is this a sticky?
A Google search of Jihad Ezziddine Salman brings up all the Fulano files about him. When you are done with him, his son Javonetti will never get a job offer from a law firm. They all do the social media background checks. Jihad's kid got his Arab ass through law school only to find his fathers online conduct will keep him from working. Thanks Dad, huh? Usually it's the kids that embarass the parents.
BajaNoMas= News, Facts, Stats, Videos, Pics and Links- because presenting the truth to the public is not a negative campaign "Decir la verdad no es ninguna campaña negra".
Youse gots dats riight Whoosh ma man. Speaking of da kids causin da troub for da family. Ise gots da solution fer ma man Deno over at dat nomads. If he wants ta keeps an eye on dat little youngsta he has. He needs ta check out dis website. Its gots all the info on all da bruthas so Mcfucknuts can dues all his checkin on ones site.
I got somethin for what itches ya
More info on Jihads home in Temple City tonight. Also..Its my understanding that mcfex has been using an EBT card for his shopping trips. Deno has been holding out on us..I guess all the lefties are using the cards now that obama is buying votes with them. I have had calls on the hotline with hang ups.. Must be Jay Checking to see if this is a bluff...NO BLUFF
Elinvestig8r says that on June 8, 2013, Jay Salman who posts on Baja Nomad Off-Topic as JoeJustJoe was too frightened to open his front door after inviting me for coffee. On 1/5/2016, Jihad answered my two questions for legal purposes. Are you inviting me to come over to your house for coffee? And, are you saying I can turn the doorknob of your front door and just walk into your house without knocking first? After he said I could, I went over in the pouring rain and he was again too scared to unlock the door. Needless to say I did not get to have my cup of coffee. 
Has anyone sent "anonymous" info to his coworkers, family members or students? I'm sure he'd feel some unneeded heat if everyone knew what as POS this pussy is. Not that I condone violence but, I would just go over there and beat the fuck out of that fool and stuff some unkosher meat up his ass! I bet he'd love the salami up the ass so I may pass on that one. Maybe someone can draft something nice that could be distributed to his peers? Fuck that Arab bitch!
(07-17-2012, 07:31 AM)Vichy Carlos Wrote: Maybe someone can draft something nice that could be distributed to his peers?

Like this blog?
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.
For some reason I though it said "Roberto's Palyroom". Sorry about that Roberto as you seem to be on the good side. So much for My reading comprehension skills.
The Fulano Blog is the perfect start, isn't it? I'm sure we can piece together a very factual set of supporting documents that shows his danger to society. Once the documents are complete a PDF version will make the internet rounds while the hard copies land on desks, doorsteps and in Mailboxes. Since Google already brings up all Fulanos info on him- the PDF link will likely be on the same search page results. We need to start using the names of his family members in posts, especially Jihad's job-seeking lawyer student son JAVONETTI JEREMIAH SALMAN (DOB May, 03, 1993)- so the Google search results will include them as well. We keep everything 100% factual. The truth about what Jihad posts is more damaging to him than anything we could make up or exaggerate.
BajaNoMas= News, Facts, Stats, Videos, Pics and Links- because presenting the truth to the public is not a negative campaign "Decir la verdad no es ninguna campaña negra".


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