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Medical malpractice
This video is of a young husband and his wife. The man is 24 and his wife is 22. She had a normal pregnancy with no complications. On December 9, 2018 she started into labor and they went to a clinic in the afternoon. The doctor told him she would give birth in one or two hours. So he went to get something, and when he returned, his mother-in-law told them the baby had been born, but there was a problem. She was bleeding profusely and they could not deal with it at the clinic they were at. She was taken by ambulance to another hospital and taken into the operating room. While there, the doctors attempted to start an IV directly into her heart from the area of her upper left chest, but they punctured her lung. The reason why the woman has this blank stare all during the video is she lost a lot of blood and has brain damage.

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