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El Mano Negra arrested in Mexico City
(06-17-2012, 12:22 PM)Woooosh Wrote: What's the story on the "new" charges from 2009 they are now holding him for? La tinaja at KM 91.
[Image: munoz.jpg]

"La Tinaja" is the name on the books at the Agriculture Ministry for the general area of the Buenaventura property. I surmise this is about the alleged forged title documents. The charge "fraude equipado" is the Mexican legal term for fraud in the transfer of real property. I pointed out in that document I posted from the Ministry that they took notice of the criminal complaint against him for forging documents. Muñoz mentioned that criminal complaint and then said it he had an "amparo" or something like that from another judge.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.
The latest news on Rafael Muñoz Martinez is that he was delivered to Tijuana Saturday, June 16.

The article further elaborates that he is charged with illegally fencing off a property known as "La Tinaja," with barbed wire at kilometer 91 on the Transpenninula in Mulege on January 22, 2009.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.
They had to go back three years to find an "illegal fencing" charge? That's the best they can do? Hell, we have people putting barbed wire on the Federal Zone all over the place in Rosarito. One lady actually fenced off a section of the Federal Zone and re-habbed a long abandoned house to claim as her own. He's small taters compared to the crimes of Texana Ortiz.
BajaNoMas= News, Facts, Stats, Videos, Pics and Links- because presenting the truth to the public is not a negative campaign "Decir la verdad no es ninguna campaña negra".
(06-18-2012, 12:11 PM)Woooosh Wrote: They had to go back three years to find an "illegal fencing" charge? That's the best they can do? Hell, we have people putting barbed wire on the Federal Zone all over the place in Rosarito. One lady actually fenced off a section of the Federal Zone and re-habbed a long abandoned house to claim as her own. He's small taters compared to the crimes of Texana Ortiz.

She fenced off the lot next door to her and then was charging for parking on it. It is ZOFEMAT property. Shouldn't she be charged with the same fraude equiparado?
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.
(06-18-2012, 12:15 PM)Fulano Wrote:
(06-18-2012, 12:11 PM)Woooosh Wrote: They had to go back three years to find an "illegal fencing" charge? That's the best they can do? Hell, we have people putting barbed wire on the Federal Zone all over the place in Rosarito. One lady actually fenced off a section of the Federal Zone and re-habbed a long abandoned house to claim as her own. He's small taters compared to the crimes of Texana Ortiz.

She fenced off the lot next door to her and then was charging for parking on it. It is ZOFEMAT property. Shouldn't she be charged with the same fraude equiparado?

Yes. It's the exact same thing, only she used threats and violence with a 2X4 against a US Citizen when doing so - making it more serious.

[Image: CIMG0268.jpg]

[Image: Tila_2x4-1.png]
BajaNoMas= News, Facts, Stats, Videos, Pics and Links- because presenting the truth to the public is not a negative campaign "Decir la verdad no es ninguna campaña negra".
The whole detention was a charade to hide the fact that I denounce the link between the South Baja justice department with the organized crime.
I am free and all the charges were dropped also the judge was incapacitated to act in my judgement because he is the brother of the one who denonced in 2009.

My last Buenaventura employees were freed today without charges, every one of the Buenaventura employees are free and with absolutely no criminal charges, demonstrating that we are not the criminals and that we acted inside the law exercising our right to defend my private property.

The Estate authorities and courts tried to put in jail innocent people but their ruling was downturned by the Federal courts overlooking them in every case, with absolutely no exceptions and this prove me right and Olivia Higuera Aguilar and Nark wrong, this is legal true not subjected to doubt by anybody, except La Vaquera advocates of course.

In the case of my security chef, Alan, the one holding the gun on Olivia’s face, he was released without charges, but the local judge violating the Federal judge order retained the right to offer new legal proof but this violation is being corrected today.

As a corollary to these sad events, we just witnessed the illegal act of the Estate authorities who tried to protect against the law a drug dealer named Olivia Higuera Aguilar alias La Vaquera and Mark Jerome Buerbey alias Nark the child molester.

Of course the La vaquero advocates will say what they are used to say and downplay this legal events, but let me offer the following newspaper article as base to what I have been saying for months here:
El Nacional page 8 Justice and Security section by Pedro Juarez Mejia La Paz B.C.S.
Estate Police agents receive $2000.00 pesos and Commanders $4000.00 pesos per week from the Sinaloa Cartel to protect the drug retailers, say in a letter provided to the Estate press, the Estate policeman denounce corruption among the top high police command.
Through a letter that arrived to the Estate Press, written and electronic with estate coverage, Estate Policeman agents that belong to the Estate preemptive police PEP accuse the Estate Police high command of corruption inside the police institution.
The letter:
“… Through the letter and directed to the open expression avenues, a Estate Policeman majority group, want to express our inconformity and deep worry and bad sentiment toward the new PEP high command designated by Lic. Alvaro de la Peña and Francisco Javier Diaz Olivarria (Lenin Ex bodyguard the Ex Security director from the last PRD Estate administration) the General director to URI, Arturo Olvera Garcia, who among us, presume that during the last Estate Administration with Lenin Rodriguez in charge of the Estate Security, he himself executed and disappeared Juan Carlos Perez El CACACHI, and he also was in charge of the Narc retailers negotiation and protection in La Paz and Los Cabos …” say the letter in its first paragraph.
….. Actually in this administration, the high Estate Police command is composed of Estate Police commanders who were in the LENIN RODRIGUEZ deep confidence, how have a hold of the New Estate Police and who continue to provide information to Lenin, the same as to the Sub Director Francisco Javier Olivarria, Arturo Olvera Garcia, Baltazar Muñoz Jaimes, Salvador Diaz Moreno and Paulino Martinez de la Cruz. The worst part is that, the people appointed by the Estate Security Director Alvaro Peña, made protection deals with the Sinaloa Cartel who operate the organized crime in La Paz in two cells, the named South zone whose organized crime chief is a man named ALEX who operate and sell drugs in the city, from Colosio Street, south, towards San Pedro and the North Zone operated by a man named Ruben from Colosio street toward downtown and following cities….”, the letter say.
The letter accuse that Estate Police commander Arturo Olvera Garcia, who orderl the Estate policeman, where they should patrol and what they should do if they stop a car and people who deal drugs with official authorization, those drug dealers immediately call their boos and immediately the organized crime boos call our Estate Police chief, Arturo Olvera Garcia, who the drug dealers know and their boss also know as “El dentes de fierro steel tooth or el Chilango; the passwords the narcs use, to identify themselves as protected by the police, change constantly and our police commander, tell us every time the password change, so we know the actual password the narks use, as an example they said they worked for El Gavilan then Doble Zero, Moreno and actually they tell us the password is diputado (congressman) so we the Estate policeman know that they are authorized to deal drugs and have a permit to deal and they are not free drug dealers agents, who are the ones who the Estate Police arrest and are sent to the Federal District attorney and Federal Police and the ones whose cases are publicized to the press as police work…” say the letter.
They say that those people are the ones arrested and sent to the District attorney with the drugs and money confiscated. Also, accuse that to the dirty Estate policeman the organized crime people pay them $2000.00 pesos and $4000.00 a week to the Estate police commanders.
The Estate Police commander Arturo Olvera call us by phone when we stop a non authorized drug dealer named “Pucha” and if we do not confiscate the drugs and the drug money from sales, we are the ones arrested or punished and now we are irritated about this situation, that obviously we were not taught at the Estate Police academy; the estate policeman who are dirty get $2000.00 a week and the commanders $4000.00 a week and up from that to the upper Estate Police command we can imagine, and this fact our own police partners say to us coinciding with what the narc dealers say to us when we catch them and have to let them go; The worst part is that the Estate Policeman who refuse to accept the money or that are not in their confidence, are sent to the streets to patrol without a weapon or are sent to security houses without a patrol car, without a weapon and without a radio….”.
They say that they are being disappointed by the PEP.
…. The majority of us as new Estate Policeman who belong to the Estate Police are very disappointed about this situation and we decided to denounce it to the press because we had other and different expectative about the work and its future. Beyond the $70,000 pesos we received for finishing the Estate Police academy course….”
On the letter that was published on some communication channels with estate coverage, the Estate Policeman asks for the Estate Governor Marcos Covarruvias Villaseñor intervention.

The true is that
I am free
My empolyees are al free
The njudge was legally incapacitated
They kidnapped my employees without a court order
They disobeyed the orders of 2 judges
They abused authority and violated our Constitutional rights.
They are the ones now prosecuted for their crimes while all the charges against us were dropped

Another issue worth commenting here is the whole experience and jail conditions in Baja.

I had the experience of visiting the Santa Rosalia and Tijuana jails for a few of days each, waiting for them to allow me to render testimony on a case already closed in 2009, because I had already rendered it previously and showed my property title and possession documentation and to Tijuana kidnapped and for a 1997 case already extinct by time limitations.

The ordeal, started in Mexico City, where the Estate police detained me on a Thursday afternoon, then I had to wait until the South Baja estate policeman, arrived to conduct me to La Paz Baja California.

They arrived the next Monday and that mean I had to be detained for Friday, Saturday Sunday and they conducted me on Monday afternoon.

In Mexico city, the cell was big, lighted and with several seating and sleeping furniture, recently painted and clean, with a private bathroom included; they allowed me to have books and allowed me to make phone calls freely so you can say that those situations are good for a freedom deprivation facility.

On Monday, 3 South Baja Estate Policeman arrived to conduct me to La Paz B.C.S. and they seem friendly enough, commenting on the fact that they were conducting me to Baja just to render declaration and in the worst case posting bail; I was not sure about that, because I had been denouncing the Estate Police and District Attorney office complicity with the organized crime very openly and on my name, confident that I was in a civilized country.

They extorted $7,000.00 pesos from me to allow me sign a power of attorney, but at the end they just accepted $5,000.00 my attorney had in his pocket.

They conducted me to the airport and even invited me a sandwich and beverage; of course the $5,000.00 was enough to cover for that.

We flew to La Paz and when we arrived, all civilized pretentions were dropped, there were about 20 Estate policeman waiting for me, took me to an empty room and very roughly, obligated me to wear a bullet proof vest and put foot and hand chains on me and then, made a big show when coming out as if they had captured a big mafia boos; they had 10 police armed vehicles waiting for me out of the airport and took a lot of pictures for newspapers.

They conducted me to the District attorney office where the aid for the Estate Police Director (Hugo Paul Galindo, the one who invaded my hotel) obligated me by force me to give fingerprints, even under protest because I denied the permission to do that; there, excessive force was used for any motive, making clear that they had me under their power.

Then after a few hours chained and turned against a wall, they sent me to Santa Rosalia, with the Estate Police commander and a few other Estate policeman armed with rifles and without taking the hand and foot chains from me.

We arrived very late and they conducted me to the Santa Rosalia Estate Police office, where they took my name and medical examination. Then they conducted me to the Santa Rosalia Jail.

There they put me in one of a classical Mexican jail cell worst than in the movies, more a cave than a jail cell, where there was another detained guy from Mulege; there was no light, only the exterior lights, heat was extreme and humidity on the 98%; cockroaches were running all over the place, on the floor, walls and ceiling on an average of one every 4 square inches or more, included steel beds; bathroom facilities were a naked ceramic piece, completely covered in dirt while shower facilities were just a hole on the wall and the floor was filth covered by dirt and more filth.

I motivated the other guy and over the next days, we cleaned that cave until no cockroaches were visible during the day, all the trash was out and bathroom facilities were clean at least. The problem was that the humidity was so high that even at 44 degrees Fahrenheit, the water did not evaporated and took the whole day to dry at least in part, but at least it was clean.

3 days went like that, nights were a nightmare because of the hot weather that made me sweat constantly and sweat dripped constantly from our bodies and during the night we had to fight the cockroaches so they did not run over us.

The other detainees were in a worst position, because in front of our cell, there were 8 guys in a very small cell with space for 4 people.

Remember that those facilities are for people not sentenced and only waiting to be presented to the judge and that mean that those facilities are for people not yet guilty of any crime.

At 3 Am, the last day, they took me out of the jail cell and conducted me to an office, where they asked me to render testimony on my employees case, trying to incriminate me also, but I just conducted me with the true and did not reserved my rights to render declaration in writing because I knew they wanted that to try to incriminate me falsely as they did with my employees.

The Santa Rosalia jail, is a hell hole, where 36 guys are cramped on a 6 jail cell, human rights are simply not known there, living conditions are completely inhuman; the jail guards are nice people that try to make the best of the decrepit building, but they are unable to keep even the simplest of human minimal conditions available to detained people.

The next day, I was conducted to the courtroom where usually just a secretary take your statement, but in my case, there were 2 district attorneys, the judge and several guards; there I reviewed my file and showed them that my property title was already there, statements were already rendered and no new deposition was needed and that was all, but we noticed that the whole court building was surrounded by Estate policeman including the estate commander.

My attorney told me that he was not to post bail, because he feared that they were going to try to detain me again for another fictitious crime and he told the jail guards to be prepared to repel the Estate police in case that they tried to take me by force; with their guns on their hands they conducted me to the jail again to wait for me to pay bail leaving the Estate policeman powerless to detain me again at that time.

My attorney, asked the Santa Rosalia judge why they were trying to detain me again, and the judge told him, that if he wanted to see me again, better to take a picture form me, because I was about to disappear forever.

My attorneys asked the federal court for an amparo against illegal detention by the Estate police and an acts suspension was granted the next day; where the Federal judge forbade the Estate police from detain me again.

With the Federal order in their hands my attorneys paid the bail and I had to be freed, but they started to drag their feet; my bail was paid in the morning and I was in jail at 11 PM, when they notified me of bail paid. Then they told me the jail director was not there and that I had to wait for them to go to his house so he sign my release order.

1 PM. Next day, already violating the law, because you have to be released the same day you pay your bail.
My attorneys noticing that unmarked cars were arriving to the jail with heavy weapons armed men in black without any official id, they promptly went to the Federal Police, showing the Federal Oder not to detain me, they gave him no help, but just showed up at the jail; evidently that put pressure on the unidentified guys because, when they allowed me to leave, the unidentified guys in black blocked the exit while my attorneys showed them the Federal order to everybody including the jail guards who evidently knew the armed with M16s man in black.

It was of no use; the jail guards forced me to go out and in to the hands of the unidentified armed guys who acted with disdain of the Federal order not to detain me. There you have to consider that they were violating a Federal order, a federal crime but they being unidentified with masks and vehicles, they taught that we would not know they were Estate policeman and in fact that was a kidnapping, allowed and forced by the Santa Rosalia jail guards.

Since we identified some of them as Estate policeman, they removed their masks and the guy in charge started to ask me for pardon, telling me that it was a direct order form the Estate Governor and they forcefully without legal order, took me to the Estate Police headquarters in Santa Rosalia followed by my attorneys.

There they dumped any pretense of being unidentified and put their Estate police insignias on them again, clearly the simulation of kidnapping was not working because of the Federal vehicles who saw them taking me away without their intervention and also because my attorneys were following them closely.

My attorneys asked to talk with the Estate Police commander in charge of the kidnapping and he showed him the Federal order warning him that he was committing a federal felony; asking for a detention order and the commander told him that they had nothing, that they were waiting for one that will arrive shortly; he advised them that they were kidnapping me and committing a federal felony again; clearly that hit them hard, because when my attorney left they ran after him asking him to return and telling him that they were to call to La Paz and ask for the order to detain me and if they received nothing soon they were going to release me.

Then they called the Estate Police Director Hugo Galindo, the Estate Police Director at 3 AM and then told my attorneys that they had no order to detain me, but I was going to be conducted forcefully to La Paz again on the Estate Governor and Estate District attorneys orders alone and they did not care about the Federal order.

They conducted me in a estate police car to La Paz where we arrived to the Estate District attorney’s office, where the Estate police director Hugo Paul Galindo Camacho has his office, early morning.There the Estate Police commander asked for a receipt for me and they did not want to give it to him; then he with the rifle on his hands told them that or they gave him a receipt for me or he would take me back and leave me where he had found me; after going in to Galindo’s office, they signed the receipt. That is a felony, because they were detaining me without any kind of legal order and with a Federal order forbidding my detention and that is why they did not want to sign the receipt.

Then they took me to the jail cells, but the policemen in charge of the cells refused to allow me to be in jail, because there was no order for my detention, claiming that he was not going to be responsible to have me there without a legal order, in fact throwing me out of the jail cell.

Then they conducted me to the Estate police chief in charge of detentions, keeping me in chains 24 hours standing against a wall; during the morning my attorneys asked where I was being detained but the Estate police denied having me in detention; in fact they were unable to find me anywhere; in fact I was kidnapped and the kidnappers were the Estate police Director and his policeman.

My attorneys went to the Federal court and asked for a Federal Oder against in communication and were granted an order against the deprivation of my constitutional rights, but the Estate police denied having me in custody.

I do not know the time, but it was during the next night when a Federal court employee, who entered the administrative offices that belong to the Estate Police headquarters, found a bunch of Estate police bunched against an office door, that belong to the Estate Police Detentions chief, 3 doors from Galido’s office; he suspecting foul play, entered the office by force and I saw a head coming out of the bunch that did not allowed him to enter by force and he seeing me, told me, Mr. Munoz, I know you, you are Mr. Munoz; I was half sleep but heard my name and answered, then he entered and ask me to sign the federal orders, and I did it, including the order not to keep me in communicated.

The Federal court officer, ordered the Estate Policeman not to deprive me of my constitutional rights, telling them that I was under the Federal judge protection and custody and they would not be able to move me and were only to put me in custody of the Tijuana Estate police to conduct me to render testimony in Tijuana B.C.
Then finally they allowed me to go to a jail cell where I was able to seat and eat, without chains.

The next day on Friday, the Estate policeman from Tijuana arrived and asked them to release me to them, but they told them that they had money authorized to take them to eat and party and that they may leave with me on Monday; the Tijuana Estate policeman, sensed something was fishy and asked them for the release papers; they gave it to them and as soon as the paperwork was signed, they told them that they will take me to take a bath and will have me ready in a couple of hours, in time for their flight to Tijuana; that statement raised the red flags on them, because I was already on their custody and they denied any movement and in fact ask them to release me to them at once; they told them to calm down, but the Tijuana Estate policeman were already on alarm mode and asked me to come in between them.

They asked the Estate Police detentions commander to take us to the airport at once or they would ask for a taxi and we would go alone.

Seeing them on that alarm status, they released the chains from me and allowed me to go in between them and we started to go out of the Estate District attorney’s office while I was absolutely without any chain and in fact being protected by them.
We came in to the commander small personal car but several armed Estate Police cars started to follow us full of armed policeman; The Tijuana Estate Policeman were really sacred and asked the commander not to deviate from the airport route; he insisted on stopping in a gas station but the Tijuana policeman told him not to stop or deviate from the airport route.

We arrived to the airport and they asked for the army protection, who stopped the Estate policeman from coming in to the airport; only two Estate policeman commanders entered and tried to talk to them but then they asked the army to conduct us to the airport interior and under their protection and most important out of the South Baja Estate policeman guns sights, we came in to the boarding airport room at 2 Pm to take the 6 PM flight to Tijuana but we felt safe and one of my attorneys took the same flight with us.

We arrived that night to Tijuana and there I knew that they did not had a jailing order for me, that I was conducted to Tijuana to post a $10,000 pesos bail on a 1997 case, that was already closed and had the time limitations expired; in other words, an illegal detention, issued just as a favor to the South Baja Estate District attorney.
They kept me the whole weekend and Monday then on Tuesday they allowed me to pay the bail for the already extinct case and allowed me to go free.

The jail conditions were bad the first two days, with a 6 bed cell being occupied by 8 people and then on Monday, they took me to another cell, with 6 beds for 10 people where you cannot stand all together or sleep all at the same time and were allowed to go out to the patio only one hour every week; where nobody can talk to you from the outside or send you anything and you can use the phone only during that hour every week but competing with 500 guys.

There I knew that I was fortunate to have 10 guys in a 6 bed cell, because in all the others there were up to 37 in the same kind of cell and that was normal conditions on the Tijuana jail where no sentenced people are detained.

There I knew a guy who had been there for 6 months, because the police caught him coming out of his sister’s cloth store, to which he had the keys, during the day with 3 pants worth 3 dollars each. Because his sister was not in Tijuana and he had no money to call her, he had already spent 6 months in jail with 3 more to go.

Another who had been there for 9 months because a lady who bought a car from him, returned the car to him and latter told the police that he has stole the car from her, the car was in his name and the lady told latter that she was wrong that he did not stole the car from her, to no use.

Then a 3 Pm Tuesday they told me my bail was paid and I would be free that afternoon and in fact at 4 pm they asked me to leave the cell and stand at the patio to be released; there I stood for the whole afternoon and they started to release me at 4 Am next day; they took me to receive my cloths, but they only put you in front of very dirty clothes that belong to the guys who were incoming that day, your cloths are just put on that pile and the guys going out that day are allowed to take them, or more exactly the ones that the guards don’t want are left in the pile; in fact the Estate government steal all your belongings and when you leave, they give you dirty clothes from somebody else to wear coming out.

I was waiting to be released from 4 Pm till 4 am next day and was the last one to be released that day and when I came out I found out why they kept me waiting till nobody was in the street and no other release people was around.

Some other un identified people were waiting for me to come out alone and promptly took me to the airport and took me to Mexico city where they just disappeared inside the airport and I had to call my employees to bring me money, id and cloths.

The whole ordeal took two weeks for just posting bail in two 30 minute legal actions, for crimes not existent or already expired by time limitations and that were closed for years already because I was declared not guilty of any crime.

To be able to accomplish that completely illegal and futile act, they committed several crimes:

1.- Violating my constitutional rights when they expose me to false publicity arriving to La Paz.
2.- Opening an already closed case in 2009, without any part petition, only on the District attorney’s actions, without providing any new proof that may allow that.
3.- Disobeying the Santa Rosalia order for me not to leave the Estate, when they sent me to Tijuana by force.
4.- Kidnapping or detaining me against a Federal judge order not to detain me.
5.- forcing me to go to Mexico city in fact disobeying the Tijuana order not to leave the estate.

Clearly, because I had no crimes committed, they were trying to make me commit some real ones, like disobeying the judge orders not to leave the estate and then they would be able to detain me on real orders, but that failed when the Federal court found me detained and in communicated in the Estate District attorney’s office in La Paz and since the Tijuana judge order was void because it was coming out of file expired by time limitation that the judge has to execute by law, they were left with nothing.

Also, on the act of detaining my hotel employees without a judge order o legal cause, they committed 6 acts of kidnapping and abuse of official power.
All those federal and local crimes are already denounced, but we will see if they are even prosecuted for them.

That show a country where the law is something applied only to people without official power or just because you molested the government officials.

The laws are there, but impunity is ever present and that is the same as not having the laws; people are at the mercy of dictatorial governors who don’t care about constitutional or human rights and the authorities overseeing them are slow and frankly don’t care much.

Human rights organizations are absent or simply are powerless and they clearly know they are powerless.

Jailing conditions, violate every human right there is, with absolutely no human conditions existent, with up to 5 times more people in a space for one.

Mexico has the laws, but the people applying them are corrupt to the bones and through this Presidency cycle, organized crime was provided with absolute control and impunity, the war on drugs was just a tool to allow one group to dominate the other ones, a charade to pretend that they were fighting drug trafficking while allowing it openly.

The judges are as corrupt as the Estate policeman, but as we see, the lower ranks are not as corrupt as the top echelons who just belong to the organized crime.

Clearly, the roman system where you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent, is not working and keeping a lot of innocent people jailed in not human conditions and nobody is giving any attention, congress just ignoring that human rights violation.
Your posts are welcome here MN. However, don't think you are going to get a free ride because of wooosh being a friend of yours.

Most of the regular posters here are well informed about what happened with Nark and the pin cushion.

In my opinion, I am glad you, and your people are free. I have had no dealings with N and P. I have met Mike George. I have a picture of him where he is presiding over a Torneo de Gallo's in Mulege. It was obvious he was connected to some extra goberment organization.

Wow, I just read the updated post. That is nucking futs. Makes what I have seen on locked up abroad seem like a cake walk.

Like I have said before, Mexico is made up of a thousand little fiefdoms.

I am glad to see Raphael posting- if it is him. He is one of the few Mexican land title experts that helps gringo investors identify safe from risky investments. He knows which developments and areas of Baja Norte are investment problems. Ask him. He knows Rosarito will not attract investors until people can be assured they are actually buying something. He knows the law. Those that know the law best stand to make the most.

He doesn't need me to speak for him or defend him. He is quite capable.
BajaNoMas= News, Facts, Stats, Videos, Pics and Links- because presenting the truth to the public is not a negative campaign "Decir la verdad no es ninguna campaña negra".
Bienvenido Rafael!
Elinvestig8r says that on June 8, 2013, Jay Salman who posts on Baja Nomad Off-Topic as JoeJustJoe was too frightened to open his front door after inviting me for coffee. On 1/5/2016, Jihad answered my two questions for legal purposes. Are you inviting me to come over to your house for coffee? And, are you saying I can turn the doorknob of your front door and just walk into your house without knocking first? After he said I could, I went over in the pouring rain and he was again too scared to unlock the door. Needless to say I did not get to have my cup of coffee. 
A little update from Raphael. Looks like he's on the attack for Mark and Olivia... again. He's excited about the new government. From Nomadlandia:

"We are just waiting for the new government to settle in and action will start against Olivia Higuera Aguilar and Nark Jerome Burbey. Don't be impatient, justice will arrive very soon to those crooks.
Also the Governor has received the true information without the disinformation provided by the Estate District attorney and Estate police chief. He is promising true justice soon, very soon against the narks.

The Santa Rosalia’s judge that issued the order to arrest me, is out of my case because he acted out of the law on issuing the order, every one of his acts is now void. The Estate police director has been denied the confidence status by the Estate congress and will be dismissed very soon and latter will go to jail. The Tijuana’s judge who issued another order for my arrest has corrected and admitted he was wrong in issuing it concerning a case closed since 1997.

New administrators for the hotel will arrive very soon and we will start rebuilding the whole hotel to bring it to working status and now the whole legal system will dump on top of the crooks.


Concerning the houses Olivia and Nark took illegally with the help of the Agrarian judge, the legal case is now starting against them for fraud and falsifying information to federal authorities.

We are just starting, so be patient and you will see the crooks behind bars, I told you my people will come out clean and they did, every one of them without charges and no deals; I am telling you that it is now our turn and you will see them both behind bars for a long time and I will do it, justice will be served. The Estate Police Director will go out of office and to jail also very soon. Now it is action time, not may words, but action.


Two weeks ago, I had a meeting with the State Secretary for the Agrarian Reform, I found out he is a very crooked guy and I am glad he is now out of office. We will have a lady as the new SRA secretary; the SRA will change its name but in any other way, it will come around to the 2000 era.

The new Federal Police under the Estate Department has now all the information on Olivia Higuera Aguilar and Nark Jerome Burbey and are just waiting to take the government to start the actions.
The USA Embassy In Mexico city has also all the information and modus operandi for La Vaquera and Nar and accomplices in the Estate Police.

I also got an e-mail from Raphael. He's busy, very busy. "New authorities will take office December first and every one of the officials you see now will be dismissed and cases reviewed. We can say that we survived the crooked PAN era; we will not allow any wrong doing, we now have friends in all the Federal offices, don’t worry. Concerning moving the Federal Zone, it is very difficult process for them to be able to do that. The Rancho Costa Azul, being a National procedure, will have the first option to buy the new land."
BajaNoMas= News, Facts, Stats, Videos, Pics and Links- because presenting the truth to the public is not a negative campaign "Decir la verdad no es ninguna campaña negra".


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 USA Dollar to  MX Peso Converter