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Taxi driver attacks passengers who asked him not to use phone
There are no statistics to back up the claim, but personal observation by this correspondent has led to the conclusion that taxi drivers are among the worst drivers in Mexico.

Not only are they ill-trained but habits such as texting and speaking on cell phones while driving — some even watch videos on dash-mounted screens — put many people at risk.

But complaining doesn’t necessarily accomplish anything, as a couple of passengers in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, discovered this week. When they asked the driver to stop using his phone and focus on driving instead, he didn’t take the request calmly.

Instead, he physically assaulted them. The passengers got out of the vehicle with the aid of passersby and their attacker fled the scene.

The unidentified driver and his cab — number 02-968 — are being sought by state traffic police in the resort destination after a formal complaint was filed.

Traffic regulations forbid the use of mobile phones while driving except when the driver is using hands-free devices or a speakerphone.
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