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Squatter found murdered in Rosarito
Rosarito, B.C. - A squatter was found dead with a rag stuck in his mouth and stab wounds in the early evening of Wednesday, November 7.

The happened on calle Mar Mediterráneo, No. 324 and Cleofas Ruiz, in downtown Rosarito.

"Due to his sexual preferences, he had different men in his home," said the tenants, and this early evening they heard moaning and thought he was having some romance and they also heard a blow.

Then his current boyfriend came out of the house and took the dead man's car, a blue Mini Cooper with white stripes and headed off in an unknown direction.

The victim was César Correa Olivares, and he was found wrapped in blankets with a rag in his mouth and knife wounds. Also found was marijuana and other drugs.

Correa Olivares had squatted on the property and even went ahead and build eight rooms on it which he rented out for 2,400 pesos (US$120) per month each.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.


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