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Mexico's Health Law makes every person an organ donor
In Mexico, the General Health Law makes every person an organ and tissue donor, unless you specifically state, in writing, that you do not want to donate.

Quote:General Health Law
Chapter II

Article 320. Every person is a testator of his body and may donate, in whole or in part, for the purposes and with the requirements provided for in this Title.

Article 321. The donation in matters of organs, tissues, cells and cadavers consists in the tacit or express consent of the person such that, while alive or after his death, his body or any of its components be used for transplants.

Article 322. The express donation shall be in writing and may be broad when it refers to the total disposition of the body, or limited when it is granting only with respect to certain components. An express donation may indicate that it is in favour of certain persons or institutions. The donor may also express the circumstances, place and time and any other conditions of the donation.

The express donation, when it is by a person who has reached the age of majority and has legal capacity may not be revoked by third parties, but the donor may revoke his consent at any time, without liability on his part.

Article 323. Express consent will be required:
I. for the donation of organs and tissues while still living, and
II. for the donation of blood, blood components and hematopoietic progenitor cells

Article 324. There shall be the tacit consent of the donor when he has not stated his refusal to allow his body or components to be used for transplantation, provided that the consent of any of the following persons is also obtained: the spouse, the concubine, descendants, ascendants, siblings, adopted children or adoptor; all according to legal priority.

The writing by which the person expresses not to be a donor, may be private or public, and must be signed by him or, the refusal may be in one of the public documents that for this purpose are determined by the Ministry of Health in coordination with other competent authorities. The regulatory provisions shall determine the form for obtaining such consent.

Article 325. Tacit consent shall apply only to the donation of organs and tissues once the disposer's death is confirmed.
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