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"Pretty lady" assaults Rosarito police officers while resisting arrest
Citizens called her "Lady bonita" (Pretty Lady), the woman who attacked police while resisting arrest for driving under the effects of "toxic" substances. She drove a vehicle at full speed and ran stop signs on Benito Juarez Boulevard the afternoon of Tuesday, September 4, 2018.

Witnesses said that the driver, Elida "N", 30 years old and a resident of Playas de Tijuana, was about to run over people and crash into vehicles due to the imprudence of driving in a "deranged" state and without a license. She was in black Nissan, with California plates.

She was accompanied by a man who claimed to be her uncle, who confessed that she was "bipolar."

The officers chased the girl for a long time and when they managed to stop her, she refused to be arrested and began to attack them physically and verbally, repeating at all times that they stopped her just for being pretty.

She even took off her handcuffs and tried to get back into her car, so officers had to use the correct arrest techniques and get her into the patrol car.

She also put up resistance to the medical exam which determined she was under  the influence of "undefined" substances. The magistrate sent her to jail.

Due to her aggressiveness, during the ride in the police car, she hit her head in the patrol car and caused a slight injury, which was attended by paramedics from the Red Cross.
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