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Poor little Ronnie Hoff
Poor little Ronnie Hoff. He seems to be very, very challenged when it comes to math and statistics.

1) Israel has a population of 8.85 million people. So using that chart's figure of $3.8 billion, foreign aid is $429 per person. That is a little short of the "$23,000 per year for every Jewish Family living in Israel."

2) A 10-year, $38 billion aid package for Israel was approved by the Obama administration in September, 2016. This is where the chart got the $3.8 billion one year figure.

3) Four Muslim countries in the middle-East receive a total of $12.8 billion per year. They are Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and Jordan. Theses countries regularly vote against the US at the United Nations.

4) Trump never said we're paying too much for NATO. He said the other NATO nations are not paying their share for mutual defense that they had committed to.

[Image: hoff_israel.png]
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.
Come on. Ron Hoff is obvious fraud and idiot.

He seems very bitter about America. My guess is he never accomplished much in the US  Seems to be one of many expats with a big hat and no cattle.
Canadian putz doubles-down on stupidity (after sucking Ronnie's pinga).

[Image: 35n0ln5.png]
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.
I didn't realize Ron was an antisemite, in addition to a liar and a fraud. Sorry for the mistake.

Gerald Hall gives a "like" to another anti-Semitic post on Mexico Politico.

[Image: 2ih5kjc.jpg]
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.


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