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Armed group forced her to cross drugs into the USA
This article was too long to properly translate, so here is the Google translation with just some light touch-up:

TIJUANA BC JUNE 13, 2018 (AFN) .- Roselia Lopez and her husband José Ontiveros, had heard about "blind mules", that is, people who unknowingly transport drugs hidden in their cars, but never imagined that they would experience something even worse, that is about to destroy the life they have built in the United States, where they run a couple of modest businesses and have given birth to two children, who are  today young adults.

On the morning of April 5 Roselia López had concluded her activities in Tijuana and was preparing to return to San Jose, California, from where they usually come to Tijuana on average every two weeks to prepare a home in the western part of town. Each time they come, they bring some furniture, appliance or pieces of equipment.

Recently they had decided to find a home for their retirement in Tijuana city where they crossed over almost three decades ago and achieved their goals not only to emigrate but to become US citizens. There they planned to enjoy the last years of life, supported by modest savings and the medical and economic benefits derived from their pension.

They often drove from their current home to Tijuana, but this time Roselia made the trip alone and that day she boarded her niece's Volkswagen Touareg, went to a convenience store near her new home and headed towards the SENTRI lane when she was intercepted by seven armed men aboard two vehicles and abducted for more than an hour.

When Roselia was approached by the strangers (a woman among them), and forced to get into one of the two vehicles, one of them checked her bag, read the identifications and confirmed to his accomplices that she was the person they were looking for. "It's her," she remembers hearing Roselia as she lay in the back of one of the cars.

One of the criminals took control of the Volkswagen and started to a destination she could never confirm. During the trip they prevented her from leaning out to identify the area where they were, but at some point she noticed that they were heading towards the Cinco y Diez crossing, and had passed through the Margarito Saldaña Municipal Police station. Immediately, the movement of the car and the gravity of his own body made her know that they had made a sharp turn, which she believed occurred at the Jaramillo llantera, as if entering the populated area of Camino Verde.

They entered a house and there they kept her for just under an hour, after which she was ordered to cross to the United States through Otay Mesa, but because of the fright she had low blood pressure and explained that she felt dizzy and that limited her visibility. Despite the threats she insisted and suggested she go in search of a comadre for him to help her drive.

They picked her up in the Plaza Monarca area and warned her that at the slightest attempt to get off the road or surrender to the authorities, she would pay for it with the murder of her relatives. They also threatened her if she dared to reveal what happened to her comadre.

Because of the information they gave her, she understood that they knew about her family and place of residence, and perhaps they would not hesitate to kill her loved ones.

Without major problems, she crossed to the United States to 10AM, Roselia took the control of the steering wheel by instruction of the delinquents and could notice that some of their captors followed them closely in one of the units used for their previous kidnapping.

Always wondering what she could do to send an alert and get help, she came to a checkpoint in the Murrieta area and instinctively changed lanes abruptly to be stopped by Border Patrol agents stationed at the site.

She was about to confess what happened but she noticed the presence of the criminals' car and kept silent, she told the police that she had felt dizzy. After the interrogation, he took the wheel while praying for a miracle to happen and this apparently took place. The agents suspected that something was happening and forced her to walk around for a detailed inspection with the help of a dog and the arrest occurred. It was 11:45 in the morning.

The police found a GPS device and about 40 pounds of drugs hidden, and Roselia and her husband knew that it was so well hidden that they did not detect it at Otay's booth, and they are convinced that the loading of  the narcotics could hardly have happened during the time they had her in the safe house.

His niece's vehicle had been outside of hers home in Tijuana for the previous 15 days, and they suspect it may have been then when they did the operation. They do not rule out even the possibility that people who reside in San José and know them, could be related to criminals.

Before this case, many other cases of "blind mule" were documented on the border between Tijuana and San Diego. Not a few drivers ended up detained in US territory when it was discovered that in the lower part of the car someone had stuck a small shipment of drugs through the use of a magnet for industrial use.

In this case, the victim only had the suspicion that they were forcing her to cross something, possibly drug, but she had not confirmed it until the moment of the arrest, incident. Her comadre was released a few days later when his ignorance about the facts became clear .

José Ontiveros says that for 13 years he had a body shop and his wife a house cleaning business, an activity that allowed her to earn additional income for 24 years. They do not live with luxuries "but we need to walk around with no problems," he told the Agencia Fronteriza de Noticias, but today the only thing certain in his future is uncertainty. In recent weeks they have lost their savings and just cry and pray, particularly as soon the judge in Riverside County will decide the legal fate of Roselia, who obtained conditional freedom and carries an electronic bracelet, while abiding by the prohibition to leave California.

"We are in a limbo, all this week is prayer, so that the truth comes out and that the judge is aware that we have nothing to do with us," said Ontiveros, who hopes that the last tears shed will be happiness for his declaration of innocence and release.
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