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Violence has worsened in Rosarito in the past weeks
ROSARITO, BC, June 12, 2018 - Violence has worsened in Rosarito in the past weeks, warned Rafael Crosthwaite, president of the Businessman's Coordination Council in Rosarito, as he said now attacks are happening in public location during busy hours of the day, which even more serious.

Crosthwaite Reyes said there were recent attacks in a a restaurant bar in the larges shopping center in Rosarito, and last weeked there was a murder in Popotla. In both cases, the events happened when there was a lot of activity, placing people at risk who have nothing to do with the attacks.

He said this is seriously affecting the business, commercial and tourist sectors, including a boycott of Popotla organized on the social networks, warning people to not visit, which could also happen for other tourist and commercial areas if nothing is done.

"We are in a vulnerable situation and it is imperative that more specific strategies be undertaken, as right now all there are is combat planes, but no action with a major police presence," said Crosthwaite.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.


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