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A Mexican speaks the truth on immigration
Translation: "I was an immigrant in the US and I know what it is to be in that country looking for some luck, without food, without money and nowhere to sleep. Well, I slept at the San Diego airport the first day, and in a park for the next 7 days.

Mexicans will never respect Trump.In the first case because of their education, which is racist. Secondly, as with every United States president, he will protect the economic interests of his nation such as tax collection and national security. Now I understand, as an immigrant there I was a problem. I benefited from what that country offered, but did not contribute to it. I was unregistered, did not pay taxes there. That's what they do not want, let alone criminals degrading the social order.

The US always seeking to reduce or eliminate illegal immigration. There is only one way in which Mexico can gain the respect of US government leaders, by eradicating illegal immigration. But this will not be done by supporting the construction of walls, but by eradicating immigration. Truly fighting poverty in our country will, and that will not happen by paying a salary of 100 pesos a day, as proposed by PAN candidate "Anaya". If this is what he is willing to pay, I will not sympathize with his noble cause, on the contrary, he is useless as a Mexican president. He is clearly an unaware rich young man born in silk diapers. This is very clear to me:

Ricardo Anaya is not a national leader who can achieve the economic well-being of Mexicans, he should not govern."

[Image: 2nrqbdh.png]
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.


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