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Russian migrants arrive in Tijuana seeking asylum in the US
TIJUANA, Baja California - Several members of the Russian community have started to arrive in Tijuana to seek humanitarian asylum in the United States, just as Mexicans and Central Americans have done. They say they have suffered from violence in their country and the government has evicted them from their homes.

Some 40 Russians, including women and children, have been in Tijuana since last Friday, at the El Chaparral border crossing, to be attended to by American immigration officials.

Ms. Nicolás "N," who lived in Moscow, said that jobs are scarce and insufficient to conver the needs of families for food, rent and school, among other services.

She, like her companions, travelled through Mexico to get to Tijuana with the permission of the National Immigration Institute.

According to Gustavo Magallanes, director of Migrant Matters with the state Secretary of Governance, this contingent is not so vulnerable, due to their economic situation, unlike that of Mexicans, Central Americans and Haitians.

"The Russians are not showing up at the shelters, they have not asked for any aid, I suppose they are staying in hotels. So far, they have been free to transit through Mexico," he explained.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.


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