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Thieves in Rosarito set free, in spite of being caught in the act
The victims of a business robbery on the afternoon of May 9 in colonia Mazatlán are indignant with Miguel Ángel Marin Aguilar, a Rosarito municipal police officer and Judge Ramón Celestino Medrano Aguilar.

It took an employee of the business more time to chase down the criminals than it took the authorities to set them free.

According to the victims, the robbery was at 4:30PM Wednesday, May 9, when a woman enter the clothing store and asked an employee to show her some dresses on the mannequins.

When it came time to pay for them, she tried to pay with a counterfeit $50 dollar bill, but the employee saw it was fake and would no accept it and took it to the store owner.

While this was happening, the woman took the clerk's cell phone and the dresses that were on the table and got into a vehicle that was waiting outside for her, with another women and girl who was about 8 years old.

The young employee ran after the vehicle and managed to put her hand through the open rear window to stop them. Thanks to a taxi, who blocked them off when he saw the pursuit, the clerk got back the stolen merchandise.

At this time, the employee was not aware that her cell phone had also been stolen. When the clerk got back to the store with the recovered dresses, she saw that her cell phone had also been stolen, she ran back after the vehicle to demand her cell phone.

This time the thieves fled toward the Parque de la Ciudad. The clerk asked for help from a woman driver to chase after the thieves and when they caught up to them, the thieves also had a man in their vehicle.
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