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Startling accident to due speeding and alcohol in Rosarito
Jusé Luis "N," 30 years old and the driver of a taxi No. 5631, said he made a stop at the stop sing on Boulevard Benito Juárez in colonia Echeverria, when he was hit by a white Cherokee SUV early Sunday morning, April 29.

The crash was so strong that his taxi spun around several times, and remained in the middle of the road. Three youths were in the Cherokee and they all started running away, however the municipal police caught two of them, the driver and on of the passengers.

There were no injuries.

[Image: 30821455_1256264727841589_55352786108083...e=5B52D0E1]

[Image: 30420668_1256265137841548_32014257644519...e=5B9D2810]
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.


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