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Primo Tapia continues to be marginalized, say residents
In Primo Tapia, with or without the election ban, we continue be marginalized say its residents. They say that the days pass and there are no improvements, as the same shortages and lack of public services continue, so they say that with or without the election bans, economic support for them stopped some time ago.

They also complain of the lack of effort by their delegate, which is rarely seen working, and who has done little in support of hte community. "For us, with or without the election ban, we continue just the same, the months pass and we still have the same shortages and lack of services," said one resident.

Regarding the reinforcement of security in the southern part of Rosarito, they complained that the police are setting their own roadblocks, curiously just outside of the Las Duna or Los Arenales, and take advantage to them to extort money for visitors who come out drunk.

"We have see patrol cars, but the home robberies and car thefts continue, as early in the morning of April 10, seven people tied up a woman hands and feet inside her home in lower Primo Tapia to rob her a gunpoint."
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