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Two prison guards beat up and shot in Popotla
[Image: Popotla1615-696x464.jpg]

At least four employees of the La Tovara restaurant in Popotla were arrested by the Municipal Police and the State Preventive Police, and accused of participating or being accomplices in the attacks on two state prison guards who were in the beach area, allegedly drunk, in events that occurred this morning.

The police reported that the injured men had returned from the beach area when one of the restaurant employees n recognized them as prison guards and with the support of other people, they began to beat them.

One of them took out a firearm to hit them with it, and in the struggle the gun went off and hit one of the guards in the leg, while the other had severe blows to his face.

The Municipal Police and the State Preventive Police went there immediately and detained at least four restaurant employees, among them a waitress, as the victims told the police the attackers had hidden in the restaurant.

The injured were transferred to the ISSSTECALI clinic, and those arrested only received monetary fines.
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