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The "Ballad of Rosarito" promotes its benefits
[Image: Corrido1615-696x522.jpg]

Showing the natural beauty and demonstrating a positive image of the municipality was the motive for which "The Ballad of Rosarito" was written. The new song with mariachi music was written by Ismael Ocampo, known as El Sinaloense, who from a young age had dedicated his life to music, telling stories through his songs.

This song, with music by The Mariachi Guanajuato, is inspired by the many tourist and ecological zones, and also makes reference to the city's historic people or who have contributed to its development.

The music video shows the people of the municipality, who seek to contribute to the development of the city, such a the Clubes de la Alegría (Cheerleader clubs). The video also shows recreational locations in Rosarito, like Puerto Nuevo and the pier, among others.

"We are trying to show that Rosarito is a peaceful city, with friendly and hard-working people. Rosarito also ia a very pretty municipality and I know it because I have lived here all my life. To me it is the best," said Señora Florida Vargas, one of the sponsors of this musical project.

Regarding the singer-songwriter, Ismael Ocampo, he said this music video was made with the sole objective to promote the city, and he hopes for the support of the people in sharing it on the internet.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.


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