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Arrested for shooting a 3-year old in Tijuana
[Image: menor-detenido-17231.jpg&w=570]

TIJUANA, BC February 28, 2018 - Everez Axel "N," 17 years old, was arrested at 6:42PM last Tuesday on calle Ahuehuete, in the Urbi Quintas del Cedro subdivision, after being identified for his participation in a fight, where a minor was wounded by a firearm.

According to the information provided by the municipal police, on Saturday, February 25, three men, one of whom was the person arrested, were fighting in the subdivision, when a woman who lives there came out of her home with her 3-year old daughter to see what what happening.

Once in the street, the woman heard a gunshot and a bullet hit her child in the abdomen. The child was taken to the Red Cross to stabilize her, and then to Clinica 20, where she was reported as stable.
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