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New protected zone for the vaquita will force fishermen from the sea
[Image: 52301.jpg]

A new zone for the protection of the vaquita will permanently remove San Felipe boats and fishermen from an area of 750 square kilometers in front of the town.

The State Director for Fishing confirmed this SEMARNAT ruling which has still not been published in the Official Diary of the Federation is what provoked demands last weekend from San Felipe fishermen who will have to leave the Sea of Cortez, as well will the tourist sector.

The new area was presented a few days ago by Semarnat and will encompass 750 more square kilometers to what already exists for the preservation of the vaquita off the coast of San Felipe, which when published will ban navigation and fishing in that area.

Environmentalists say that the area which will be under ban is where the vaquita travels and will prevent it from being bothered.

This new zone will again affect fishing interests in San Felipe, as well as coastal artisan fishermen, permit holders for taking geoduck and sport fishing areas, just as the shrimpers were affected in 2015.

The area to be banned to fishing is where are large fishing grounds and much sport fishing activities, and has caused some commotion among those affected and demonstration by fishermen who delivered a petition against the new zone. The had been allowed to fish to the south of Cerro del Machorro, if they used fishing gear which did not impact the vaquita.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.


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