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Extortion has returned to Tijuana: Bustamante
[Image: carlos-bustamante-anchondo-4545101.jpg&w=570]

MEXICO FEBRUARY 26, 2018 (AFN) .- Former Tijuana mayor Carlos Bustamante Anchondo warned that there is great concern about the so-called "extortion racket" among owners of medium and small businesses "They just start their business, and what they have is stolen," in addition to being warned about their personal safety by the same criminals "if you talk we will kill you".

He said that employers are uneasy because "crime is worse than ever before," which affects investment, tourism, trade in general, and the image of the city, since in less than 10 months the number of homicides has surpassed the total during the three years of his administration.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.


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