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Measures taken in Rosarito to stop corruption in issuing drivers licenses
[Image: Corrupcion1614-Instalan-c%C3%A1maras-en-...96x490.jpg]

In response to the allegations about the existence of a presumed corruption network for the issuance of drivers licenses, in which officials and the head of the department are accused, the newly appointed State Revenue Collector in Rosarito, Plutarco Sánchez Navarro, is taking security measures.

In addition they have created a more visible area for the driving test, installing new surveillance cameras for greater supervision of the people who take the exam and the vehicles in which they carry out.

Simultaneously, Sánchez Navarro requested the change or removal of two people, of those who were suspected of not doing their job honestly.

The indications of the existence of a corrupt network began in Tijuana, where a media outlet published a news item accusing officials of the Ministry of Planning and Finance, insurance companies and two "coyotes" of being in collusion to benefit economically from the procedures for issuing drivers licenses.

According to those complaining, the coyotes offer their vehicles for rent for the driving test, at a minimum cost of 300 pesos.

They tell the interested parties that their license is guaranteed because they are already associated with the testers, even if they do not pass the driving test, or at best without even taking the test.

As soon as the photo of the couple of "coyotes" was published, many people claimed to have seen these people operating in Rosarito.
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