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Crimes and trash on the Ruta del Vino
[Image: 359525.jpg]

Residents, businessmen and visitors to the Ruta del Vino, which is renowned as the greatest in Mexico and is widely promoted by tourism departments, are confronting an increase in crime, as well as a proliferation of trash.

In addition to the foregoing, according to residents of the El Porvenir district, you can add to that traffic accidents, which happen mainly on weekends, due to the lack of caution and traffic signs.

Likewise, they said, "the area lacks a rescue department," and the lack of medical attention to the injured or sick has contributed to the death of several people.

Regarding the crime rate, they said the robberies have increased, including armed robbereis and the criminals are leaving people injured from beatings.

They say ranches, homes and businesses have been crime targets.
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