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If you can't beat them, join them
Uber services in Tijuana on the decline

[Image: 1813584-N.JPG]

TIJUANA, Baja California - The public transportation drivers who chased off Tijuana citizens into using Uber, are now many of the drivers using the Uber platform, say Uber users unhappy about the deterioration of the service which will complete four years in Tijuana this year.

"At first everything was good, friendly, helpful, educated good drivers and Uber was rated 5 or 4 stars. Now I realize the yellow cab drivers and bus drivers are working at Uber. Now, they are rude and drive recklessly," said Sandra Chavez in a survey by Periodico Frontera.

Antonio Marco published that they also are now forming taxi stands and listen to music and high volume, ignoring the comfort of their customers.

"Most of my trips have been bad experiences, bleeding drivers, others that look for the longest route to charge more, in the end there are many issues; but I have also had very pleasant trips with people who understand customer service," said Omaro Ciccone Fortin.

Not all users have had bad experiences, but he admitted when Uber started operations in Tijuana there were no service complaints.

"As always, at the beginning the service was better, although it is still good, most of the drivers have forgotten some formalities, such as how they dress or the music they play, but nothing which cannot be solved," said Tony Escobedo.

He also said that Uber is cheaper than a taxi.
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