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Kidnapped hotel operator searched for near clandestine grave
[Image: fosa_5.jpg?itok=VoK2a94M]

Mexicali, January 12.- A clandestine grave was found in the vicinity of Cerro Las Chichis, in the Kiliwa area of Baja California. This happened while authorities were investigating the kidnapping of the owner of a hotel located in the town of Valle de la Trinidad.

On Wednesday, December 20, 2017, almost at midnight, an armed group burst into several rooms of the hotel and fired shots.

The owner of the establishment hid for a few minutes, enough to talk on the phone with his brother and his wife and tell them what was happening. When he thought the incident was over he came out of hiding, but was kidnapped by the attacakers.

In the hotel rooms were found traces of blood and spent rifle bullet cartridgess. The state Attorney General is also investigating if some of the guests were abducted.

We did not know anything about him (the owner of the business) or those who were in the rooms, or who came to look for him, said one of his relatives.

Early on Thursday, December 21, the kidnapped man's family filed a complaint with the Ministerial Police, because he was no longer at his business and did not answer the phone.

On Sunday, December 31st, while searching for the hotel operator in the area, searchers discovered a room on the hillside and a construction similar to a well, but with a larger entrance. Inside they found bones and, half-buried, the right foot of a man.

The hole is located on the slopes of the hill and has a depth of approximately 25 feet and is 12 feet wide.

Locals say that this place was used by organized crime gangs to throw corpses, it is on the route that goes throughs the town of La Calentura and San Quentin with the Valle de Trinidad and, by extension, with the port of San Felipe. Nearby the grave, they say, is the road that criminals usually use.

"Organized crime?" - One of the locals is asked.
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