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Surgeon exonerated after death of young foreigner
[Image: 2018_01_11-6c631f02-2eb9-48-Horizontal_N1H.jpg]

MEXICALI.- After being released from responsibility for the death of his patient, Eva Nicole Sarmonikas, surgeon Víctor Ramírez said he had been the object of a smear campaign and said that in Mexicali there are people who perform plastic and aesthetic surgeries illegally.

In a press conference he showed documentation about the case by which the justice authorities exonerated him.

He explained that Eva Nicole died of thromboembolism, a complication that arose during the surgery to which she was subjected and occurs when pulmonary blood vessels absorb body fat. He said that such a situation can occur in other types of surgeries, not just reconstructive ones.

He claimed to have years of training and credentials as a surgeon and claimed to have received death threats after reporting false surgeons operating in Mexicali.

He warned the public about a group of doctors who are accredited to perform surgeries through a master's degree in Veracruz, in which they can be certified in just three or six months of online classes.

The surgeon accused Andrea Cisterna, sister of the deceased, of having defamed him for the purpose of making money.

He asserted that he will regain the trust of society.
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