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Dead man found in Camalú
[Image: 51665.jpg]

The dead body of a man was found Friday afternoon on a local road in Camalú.

Police went to the local road that leads to the beach at Ejido Jaramillo, where they found a make laying on the ground who did not respond. An ambulance was called and the paramedics determined the victim had no life signs. The ministerial police were called.

Unofficial reports indicate the man could be a person who was reported missing in San Quintín, named Óscar Jesús Martínez Dellemese.

When last heard from, he was travelling in at white 2015 VW Golf, 4-door.

It should be known that just this week another dead man, Ángel Gabriel Meza Zavala, 34-year's old, was found dead last December 17 in the same ejido.
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