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Anti-Semitic screed on Baja Nomad
This is a post from the Baja Nomad website, an Internet forum ostensibly to discuss Baja California. The website is operated by Douglas C. Means, through his company, a DBA called Q 87 International, 12766 Torrey Bluff Dr., San Diego, California 92130-4223.

As you can see, Mr. Means not only allows, but encourages hate speech, including vile anti-Semitic screed. This particular post is from a Lebanese immigrant named Jihad E. Salman, who resides at 9067 Hermosa Dr., Temple City, CA 91780. Mr. Salman has been posting these kinds of comments for over 7 years now on Baja Nomad, without interference from Mr. Means.

Baja Nomad was at one time the most active message board on Baja California. However, over the past few years its membership has declined markedly, and is now moribund and going through its death rattle. That is not surprise to anyone reading it.

[Image: 2iqlu.png]
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.
I (me) am very prouds of the turd with the santa hat and Jewish star i founded on the internet. It was on
one of the many hates site I visit every day, and sometimes, three time, or mores.

I posts it at least 5 times a month or less, or more, or less depended on if greenchit posted somethings
that make fun of me, like the time he says I liked the smell of camel turds on mine campfire.
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