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Russian terrorist arrested in Rosarito
[Image: 20171227160108_67.jpg]

PLAYAS DE ROSARITO - A person with Russian origins and United States citizenship, who was wanted for obstruction of justice and US threatening federal agents, was arrested in Baja California by officers with the International Liaison Coordination of the State Preventative Police and the National Immigration Institute.

An operation to control migration deployed near Playas de Rosarito, resulted in the arrest of a foreigner who turned out to have a criminal record in the United States.

In past days, the state Secretary of Public Safety, Gerardo Manuel Sosa Olachea, in a meeting with the business sector, and later the mayor of Rosarito, Mirna Rincón Vargas, promised to capture this presumed criminal who as trying to take refuge in Rosarito.

Once stopped, the subject identified himself as Georgy "N," 33 years old, who when checked with Central Command, it was found he had an arrest warrant from American authorities.

He had an arrest warrant issued las June, 2017 for obstruction of justice and threatening a federal officer, catalogued as cyber-terrorism.

As an antecedent, Chipurov was arrested in 2012 by the International Liaison of the PEP in Tijuana. He was wanted for a bomb threat at the San Diego Court as well as death threats to judges and county officials.

He remained at the disposition of federal authorities who will follow up on his legal situation.
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