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Six men found murdered in Tijuana in the past 24 hours
TIJUANA, During the last 24 hours, police reported six males found dead in different parts of the city.

The first victim, about 45 years old wsa found in a drum on calle Sebastián Viscaino, in colonia Chula Vista

The second was Carlos Pérez Benítez, 27 years old, who was shot on December 13 on avenida Coahuila, in the Zona Norte. He died from his injuries.

A 25-year old man named Héctor Francisco Váquez Gutiérrez was shot in the El Laurel subdivision.

The body of a man around 30 years of age was found dead from bullet wounds on a vacant property in colonia Lagunitas.

Guillermo Bobadilla Cruz, 20 years old, was found dead in colonia Sánchez Taboada.

The last murder was on calle 21 de Marzo in colonia Lázaro Cárdenas, in Playas de Tijuana. The body was in a drum inside a Jeep.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.


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