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Three gunfights in La Paz Wednesday night
[Image: policia-990x660.jpg]

La Paz, Baja California Sur - Wednesday night, December 20, 2017, in La Paz there were at least three separate violent gunfights, which resulted in two people wounded by firearms and a person went missing after a kidnapping.

The first event was minutes after 10PM in colonia La RInconada, where on calle Emiliano Zapata and Antonio Rosales, gunfire could be heard. When police arrived, they found a young man wounded by gunfire.

The victim was between 18 and 19 years old and was taken to the Salvatierra Hospital. He was identified as Ezequiel Sánchez, alias El Cheque, and had bullet wounds in the buttocks and legs.

Moments later, in colonia Olas Altas, in La Paz, residents advised via the emergency number that gunfire was heard on calle Puerto Coatzacoalcos and Puerto Manzanillo.

Upon arriving, the police found a vehicle with bullet holes, and residents said armed persons took a person by force.

Later, in colonia Pedregal de Cortés, another call to the emergency number reported gunfire. A man was located in the Benodia González walkway who had been attacked by armed subjects. Paramedics arrived and took the wounded man to the La Paz General Hospital.

As of the moment nobody has been arrested, nor are there any suspects.
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