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Two babies taken away from drug addicts in Ensenada
(So much for the myth of strong family ties among Mexicans)

A 2-month old baby a premature newborn, both children of presumed drug addicts, were rescued by officers with the Unit Against Family Violence, in response to different reports in the urban area of Ensenada.

Ensenada police chief, Jorge Iñiguez Díaz, reported that due to an anonymous report, at 8AM last December 4, officers were told there was a case of child neglect.

According to the report, on calle Miguel Hidalgo, in the upper part of Maneadero, a 2 month old baby, son of a mother and father who are drug addicts, was malnourished and neglected.

The police went to the home, where they found the baby and several objects commonly used to consume drugs, which still had residues of cristal meth, so they took them.

"The child was taken to the South Police Station in the Pórticos del Mar subdivision, where a magistrate decided to place the child with the Prosecutor for the Defense of Minors and the Family," said the official.

Abandoned in the hospital

In another matter, the police chief said that at 9:42AM, they were called via radio to come to the UCVI in the city hospital, because a newborn had been abandoned by its mother.

Municipal police were told that the baby was born last November 30, but its mother had abandoned it. In addition, no family member has come forward to claim the baby.

"The baby was premature and with a low birth weight for its gestational period, had respiratory difficulty syndrome, apparently from the mother's drug addiction and was reported in grave condition," said the police chief.

Iñguez Díaz said the police informed the state Attorney General, the agency responsible for following up on the case.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.


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