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Sales plummet in Rosarito businesses due to crime
[Image: Turismo1602.jpg]

Just as with Tijuana, crime is causing havoc to the Rosarito economy, mainly in the commercial sector.

Sales last Thanksgiving weekend did not meet even the minimum expectations in the commercial sector.

For Rosarito businesses, last weekend's sales were like any other low season, and this represents a big worry, as they fear it is the crime which is causing sales to plummet.

For the restaurant sector, last weekend was also bad, as sales failed to meet expectations.

Restaurateur Norma Gutiérrez Espinoza, attributes the drop to the perception of crime held by Americans, due the violent news distributed along the border.

"I have spoken to many customers and they have told me that we once again have a crime problem. We can no longer place the blame on the long lines at the border. The perception of crime is returning. The TV stations and newspaper in the United States are distributing information on the situation at the border, but the problem is we continue to have the car window breaking, the robberies, the criminals in the tourist zone. The truth is we have not seen any results from the government's security strategy," said Gutiérrez Espinoza.

For furniture businessman and president of The Tourism and Conventions Committee, Edgar Orozco Zamora, last weekend was not what was expected.

Although many businesses were visited by tourists, very few sold their products.

However, he said that for them the situation is not so mad, as the major part of the furniture businesses have work because at the end of the year many Americans buy or renew their furniture.

As for the former president of CANACO, Javier Rodríguez González, Rosarito continues under a shadow of crime which the authorities have been unable to combat, in spite of the fact the affects are different, depending upon the commercial sector, and in the end it all affects the Rosarito economy.

"Clearly this is worrisome, because the gringos are startled with the crime, with so many robberies right out on the main street, with bank robberies, with so many lowlifes walking the streets...Mexicans no, they are not startled, the typical Mexican is used to such a mess, but the grino is special, and truth is they are the biggest consumers of our products," said Juan Silva, a handicrafts merchant.

In spite of the fact that at some times his business is nurtured by visitors, when compared to others that are not visible, sales were much less than last year, when more American tourists came to Rosarito.

"There were no gringos this year. The tourists who did come were from the region and spend limited amounts. They do not spend much nor go shopping. If you ask me how it went this year when compared to last year, the truth is we are way down," added Juan Silva.

Other handicrafts merchants say the situation is grave because inside the handicraft markets, "not even the flies stop."

"As can be seen, the market is completely empty. It is easier to see a ghost than a gringo, not just buying anything, but stepping inside the businesses. It has never been like this," said Francisco, another handicrafts merchant.
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