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Armed group executes three state police on the La Paz malecón
[Image: patrulla-policia-turistica-990x660.jpg]

La Paz, Baja California Sur - Around 4:45PM, an armed group attacked with gunfire a State Tourist Police patrol vehicle right out on the malecón (Paseo Álvaro Obregón) and calle Rosales, which left three officers dead.

Unofficially the police officers murdered have been identified, and it is believed one of them is the Tourist Police commander. According to the first reports, two of the officers were state police and one was a municipal officer who was a part of the Mixed Command.

The shooting startled Mexican and foreign tourists, and worried their police officer companions, who would not discuss what happened.

The shooting caused the principle point of La Paz to be closed from calle Márquez de León to Bravo.

So far this year, around a dozen active duty police officers from different police departments have been killed by gunfire from criminal groups.

The state Attorney General confirmed the triple murder, however did not provide further information.

The murder of these police officers came only days after the assassination of the head of the State Human Rights Office and other ministerial police.
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