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Sunshine is a discredited character: PAN Party director
[Image: DSC_0444.jpg]

He is accused of favoring family and friends with federal support.

The leader of the PAN party in Mexicali put his finger on the wound. He maintained that Antonio Sunshine Rodríguez Peña, leader of the federation of coastal cooperatives in San Felipe, who was arrested last weekend by federal authorities, is a "discredited" character among the inhabitants of San Felipe. He was only supported by fishermen who were benefited for the contacts he had at the time with Sagarpa (Fishing ministry) authorities and the federal government.

The president of the Municipal Steering Committee (CDM) of the National Action Party (PAN) in Mexicali, Javier Gutiérrez Vidal, in a the press conference held at the party's facilities every Tuesday, said that Rodríguez Peña was the Sagarpa operator in San Felipe from the beginning of the Vaquita Marina protection program in the upper Gulf of California.

He was in charge, he said, of distributing the financial resources from the Compensation Program among the fishermen who were not allowed to fish in the area. However this money only reached his relatives and close friends, leaving many fishermens in the area without support, saud Gutiérrez Vidal.

The problem that exists in the San Felipe regarding totoaba poaching and the danger of extinction of the Vaquita Marina does not concern all the fishermen of the region, which includes the Santa Clara Gulf coast in Sonora, but just one or two character, including Sunshine. So if later on if more people close to him are found to be involved (in poaching), the weight of the law must be applied.

Regarding the arrest of Sunshine, Gutiérrez Vidal indicated that he doubts that the Navy would be involved in the issue if there was not a solid case and a really well-done investigation.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.

Caravan in San Felipe in honor of the release of Sunshine and his wife.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.


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