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20,000 jobs available in Tijuana factories; almost no Haitians are employed
TIJUANA.- Much was rumored that the Haitians were going to work in the maquila sector, but it has not happened, industrialists say that there are up to 20,000d available job positions and it is now the high season.

The president of Canacintra in Tijuana, Marcello Hinojosa, said that there is a labor shortage that has forced them to choose people who are not qualified for the positions, this is an additional cost the companies have to absorb in order to have minimal production.

"People with addictions come during in these times, because we are short of labor, which is our high season, we have hired people who have not passed the anti-doping tests, there are others that are not qualified for the positions and we have to hire them, as we have to fill the vacancy," he said.

As an example he said that a transport company was hiring drivers, but they were not apt so the vehicle fleet was having breakdowns, so the cost of production was higher due to repairs.

In the case of Haitians, the majority lacks the CURP (social security number), which is provided by the Ministry of the Interior, but they have not solved this and that labor force has not yet been hired.
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