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Sardine boat attacked off of Camalú
In what could be an act of piracy on the high seas was documented last November 20 by a sardine boat based in Ensenada. It was attacked by a small boat which tossed an incendiary object.

The attack was off the beaches of Camalú, approximately 90 miles south of Ensenada, but there was no complaint filed with the state Attorney General, there is only a brieft report in a municipal delegation where it reported a boat was burning.

However, unofficial information obtained by indicates that it was an attack from a small boat without any registration numbers from which an incendiary object was thrown at a winch on the sardine boat as it was laying a net.

The attack was about three miles from the coast in an area of lobster fishing, where the sardine boat was fishing and the attempt was to burn the boat.

According to sources consulted about the problem, for years there has been a conflict between sardine fishermen who operate south of Ensenada and lobstermen, as the sardine boats lay nets nets in areas where there are lobster traps, which damages them.
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