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Sunshine Antonio Rodriguez Pena arrested in San Felipe
[Image: protesta-pescadores-41.jpg]

Last evening, the president of the Coastal Federation of Fishermen of San Felipe, Sunshine Antonio Rodriguez Pena, was arrested. This is according to what is being reported on Facebook.

This notice appeared on the Facebook account of Rodrígue Peña, according to what was written by a person identified as Tavo:

"To everybody in San Felipe and the Gulf, I am Tavo who works for Sunshime. I am informed that he has been arrested and is in Mexicali at the federal Attorney General's installations. He asked me to tell the people to support him at this time."

Other publications have joined in with commentaries, where they have called for a meeting Sunday morning, November 26. at the Los Arcos sculptures.

There is no official information regarding what has happened, only what is on Facebook.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.
This is an attorney talking, Enrique Acosta Fregoso. They are outside the Federal Attorney General's building in Mexicali. He is saying Sunshine and his wife and two children were arrested last night. The two children were set free at midnight. He said they found drugs in Sunshine's vehicle, in a bottle of liquid vitamins, and insists it was planted on him by the authorities. He says Sunshine is a political prisoner. He and his wife are going to be sent to Mexico City.

Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.
One of the most powerful men of San Felipe and who was a representative of the fishing sector, Sunshine Rodríguez Peña, was arrested by elements of the Attorney General's Office (PGR). The first reports indicate that he is accused of possession of drugs.

Personnel from the Special Prosecutor's Office for the Investigation of Organized Crime (SEIDO) came from Mexico City to carry out the arrest Saturday night, November 24, in the port of San Felipe, in the middle of a large operation.

The fishing operator was often associated with totoaba trafficking, but the stories of his links with the smuggling of this species sold for thousands of dollars on the Asian black market was not proven, it only grew larger in recent weeks, even in the national news.

However, Rodríguez Peña has distinguished himself as one of the leaders of the social protests organized by the San Felipe community against the federal government for the banning of any type of fishing as a protection measure to conserve to the Vaquita marina, an endemic species in danger of extinction.

In recent weeks, these demonstrations have grown, and Sunshine Rodríguez has pressured the federal government to lift the ban that has created high levels of unemployment and heavy economic losses in San Felipe, a community dedicated entirely to fishing.

Rodríguez Peña was transferred to the Mexicali Airport, guarded by elements of the Mexican Army, the Mexican Navy and the PGR, and from where it is presumed the politician will also be transferred to Mexico City.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.

Controversial San Felipe fishing leader detained, but what for?

Mexico’s top environmental official on Monday linked the arrest of the leader of a fisherman’s organization in the Baja California town of San Felipe to his involvement in the illegal totoaba trade in the upper Gulf of California.

Sunshine Antonio Rodríguez, who heads the largest federation of fishing cooperatives in San Felipe, was detained Saturday evening by federal agents who stopped him as he was driving with his family from Mexicali to San Felipe.

“My understanding is that there are a number of complaints, and one of them is for illegal fishing of totoaba,” Rafael Pacchiano Alamán, Mexico’s environmental secretary, told journalist Carlos Loret de Mola during an interview for the Mexican network Televisa.

Listed as a critically endangered, totoabas are giant fish endemic to Gulf of California. The fish’s swim bladders are smuggled to Asia, where consumers believe in their curative powers. The bladders command such high prices that they have been called “aquatic cocaine.”

Rodríguez’s attorney, Enrique Acosta Fregoso, said in a telephone interview that the accusation against his client has no connection to tototoaba trafficking. The attorney said Rodríguez is being accused of transporting a kilo of liquid methamphetamine, and that federal prosecutors have until 9 p.m. Monday to present charges before a judge.

Rodríguez was in the custody of the Mexican federal organized crime unit, SEIDO on Monday. His wife was also taken into custody, Acosta said.

“This is completely a political matter, the drug was planted on him,” Acosta said. “We are gathering evidence to demonstrate that this is so.”

Rodríguez has been a vocal critic of the Mexican government’s gillnet ban in Mexico’s upper Gulf of California. Instituted in 2015, the ban has come with a compensation program for area fishermen, but critics say it has not been well managed, and fishermen have been anxious to return to the water.

The principal aim of the gillnet ban has been to protect the vaquita porpoise, a species on the verge of extinction with fewer than 30 surviving individuals. But vaquitas have continued to die, drowning in the illegal nets set for totoaba.

Rodríguez’s arrest came days after he led a protest march in San Felipe decrying the fishing ban. “Environmentalists want to do away with all the fishermen, with their families,” he said. “Let them come and bring us jobs before doing away with the ones we have.”

On the heels of Rodríguez’s arrest, protests have broken out in the Baja California capital of Mexicali as well as in San Felipe. Demonstrators have blocked entrances to the Mexican federal attorney general’s office (PGR) and the airport in Mexicali, as well as the stopping traffic on the main highway leading to San Felipe.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.
Arrest of Sunshine was a "dirty trick" according to his lawyer

MEXICALI - The arrest of Sunshine Antonio Rodríquez Peña and his wife was a dirty trick by the federal Attorney General, said his lawyer, Enrique Acosta Fregoso, to El Mexicano.

And in addition, it was an attack against the most baisc elements of human rights, as Sunshine was handcuffed in front of the children, aged 10 and 13, he added.

The children also were "detained" for at least five hours, before given to relatives.

"The abuse of authority extends to Sunshine's wife, as she is just a housewife, dedicated to her husband and to raising her children and she was also arrested and taken to Mexico City," said Acosta Fregoso.

Sunshine is a hard-working businessman, and is the leader of the fishing cooperative, owns a small hotel, a tourist camp and houses in San Felipe which he rents.

Acosta Fregoso said the government wants to shut up Sunshine by repressing the fishermen's' social movements, who are prohibited from fishing. Sunshine and his wife were arrested because, according to his captors, he was in possession of a 2.2 pounds of the drug called "cristal," but Acosta Fregoso suspects the drug was planted to incriminate him.

The entire family was returning Saturday from shopping in Calexico, California when they were intercepted by police on the highway between Mexicali and San Felipe.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.


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