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Cartel hitmen arrested in Rosarito after police pursuit
Hitmen working for El Turbo arrested after a battle with police and soldiers. Rosarito municipal police and Mexican army soldiers arrested seven men who were traveling in a convoy after a pursuit and gunfight.

The men are Erick Chávez Tarazón, Luis Antonio Carillo Angulo, Jaime Martínez Soltero, Edmundo Zaragoza and Héctor Carillo, as well as two more men linked to Leonardo Peña Peralta, "El Turbo," an operator for brothers René and Alfonso García, also called "La Rana"and "El Aquiles."

The events occurred around 2AM on Friday, November 24, when Rosarito municipal police on patrol in colonia Mazatlán saw two cars traveling at high speed, apparently in a convoy. They were a pick-up and a sedan.

Both vehicles had several men inside, and according to the report, the police tried to pull them over, but instead of stopping, the pick-up accelerated and started a pursuit.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.


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