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Military battle and arrest criminals in Rosarito
[Image: 23826223_1158044604330269_32918537233686...e=5A8B67F2]

Rosarito, B.C. - Early this Friday morning, at 4:30AM, a pursuit started at calle Tijuana when a Silverado pick-up was several persons aboard failed to stop for the municipal police.

The municipal police were pursuing them and army personnel found them on bulevar Benito Juárez, at McDonalds.

Then the people being pursued, seeing they were trapped, started shooting at the soldiers and the soldiers shot back, wounding three of the five suspects who were in the pick-up.

One of those wounded is in critical condition and was taken to Tijuana, with wounds to the thorax from rifle fire. According to the police, they were not involved in the shooting, and blamed it on the Army soldiers.
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