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The Mexican government prefers poor citizens
[If anybody has been following the news on the renegotiation's of NAFTA, Mexico has threatened to pull out of NAFTA over the insistence by both the United States and Canada that Mexico raise its workers salaries. Here is an opinion piece by Ricardo Raphael, a Mexican journalist, academic and writer.]

[Image: perfil_rafael.jpg?itok=p8pHKfRh&c=f669a5...ebffced145]

During the second round of negotiations on the Free Trade Agreement, Canadian Jerry Dias criticized Mexico for keeping its citizens deliberately in poverty.

"It is a filthy argument to suppress the people, who could supposedly live better."

A spite of the fact that the conversations between representatives of the three countries have been held in secret, the arguments of one of the largest Canadian union leaders was heard so loudly, that it reached the press in Mexico.

"There is no sense in having NAFTA under these conditions...If Mexico will not raise its salaries and the rights of its workers, there will continue to be an uneven playing field between the countries."

Dias says that we are playing unfairly by maintaining depressed salaries.
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