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Did you ever wonder what the Spanish suffix "azo, or aza" means? It means a hit or blow by the word object to which it is appended.

For instance:
Gasolina = gasoline, and gasolinazo means a hit by the price of gasoline.
Zapato = shoe, and zapatazo means a hit with a shoe.
Martillo - hammer, and martillazo means a hit with a hammer

It is also used as argumentative, for instance:

Perra = female dog, and perraza means a big female dog.
Mano = hand, and manaza means a big hand.

Finally, it is also used as a pejorative, to add a negative meaning to a word. There is ofter some overlap here. For instance, gasolinazo could be understood as a hit from the price of gasoline, or the negative impact of the gasoline price increase. Either one, or both, works.
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