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Woman's torso found floating in Acapulco
[Image: flotando.jpg]

Acapulco, Guerrero - A shocking discover was made by fishermen Saturday afternoon at playa Manzanillo, in Acapulco. They found the decapitated and mutilated body of a woman and called authorities.

According to the report from authorities, the discovery was around 1PM as the fishermen were getting ready to go to work. They saw the body of a woman floating in the water. The body had no head, arms nor legs.

Personnel from Marine Rescue had the job of recovering the woman's torso, which has not been identified. The body was wearing blue jean shorts, a bra with a flower pattern and blue panties.

Although the area was searched, they did not find the extremities.

It should be mentioned that Sunday morning an arm was found on the sand strip at playa Tamarindos, just a few yards from tables and chairs for tourists.
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